How Smart Electric Grippers are used in 3C Electrics Industry?

Smart Electric Grippers are widly used in 3 C electrics industry. 3C products have the characteristics of short life cycle, continuous cost reduction and flexible global operation research. At present, 3C products are a kind of industry with the fastest development, the most frequent changes and huge market increment potential. Smart Electric Gripppers are becoming a trend used in 3C production.

The development of 3C electronic automation can greatly improve production efficiency, strengthen quality management and reduce labor costs. However, the difficulty of 3C electronic automation lies in the short product life cycle and rapid technology update, while the flexibility of the automatic production line is poor. Once the products are updated, the automatic production line needs to be re planned. Therefore, we need sophisticated, flexible, intelligent and easy production tools(Smart Electric Gripppers) to assist the upgrading of industrial automation.

CNC air blade replacement
In the CNC equipment of 3C industry, the combination of “AGV + cooperative robot + electric claw” is used to replace the wind blade. One mobile replacement device can correspond to multiple CNC. In this scenario, Smart Electric Grippers & the electric claw has no air source, which is convenient for equipment movement and replacement, and the equipment changes materials frequently. The electric claw is compatible with materials of different sizes and weights.

Loading and unloading of production equipment and material handling

With the combination of “AGV + cooperative robot + electric claw + vision system”, TM long stroke clamping claw is used, which has the characteristics of large clamping force, wide stroke range and precise force control, so as to meet the requirements of loading and unloading and material handling of production equipment. The adjustable ability of Tallman Robotics Electric Grippers also perfectly adapts to the frequent replacement of materials in actual production.

TM module detects loading and unloading
The application of automatic loading and unloading electric claw in IGBT module (for new energy vehicles) detection equipment in semiconductor industry is matched with sensor and SCARA robot. The double clamping claws synchronously load and unload IGBT module. The equipment changes materials frequently, and uses TM large stroke and large clamping force electric claw, which is compatible with materials of different sizes.

Mobile phone detection loading and unloading
In the mobile phone audio detection process section, the robot loads and unloads materials, and the clamping claw is installed at the end of the robot to carry the finished mobile phone. TM 2 finger parellel Smart Electric Grippers refer to the industrial thin parallel electric claw of the parallel clamping claw series, which can quickly complete the equipment deployment of product type change. The electric claw has large travel and strong compatibility. It can clamp mobile phones of different sizes, with integrated drive and control and precise force control. It can complete the loading and unloading of mobile phone detection without adding sensors.

Grab the headset and wipe the glue
After the wireless Bluetooth headset is assembled, the shell package will overflow glue, and the overflow glue needs to be erased; By using the cooperative robot + six dimensional force sensor for glue wiping force control, the electric claw holds the headset for grinding.
The clamping force of the air claw is unstable, which is easy to damage the surface of the earphone, so the electric claw with accurate force control is selected for earphone clamping.

VR glasses lens inspection
Clamp the lens for surface inspection and scanning QR code. Using the suction cup to hold the lens for lighting and photographing will affect the visual inspection effect, and there is a risk of lens damage due to pneumatic scheme handling. The stroke of the clamping claw covers the diameter of the lens, the clamping does not affect the detection, and the high-precision force control will not damage the lens.

Chip clamping and handling
In the chip handling on the Crystal Park sorter in the semiconductor industry, the vacuum suction cup is traditionally used for chip suction and handling. Because the vacuum degree of the suction cup is not enough, there is a risk of falling during the handling process, so the electric claw(Smart Electric Gripppers) is used for chip handling for the first time.
Advantages of TM series Smart Electric Gripppers: it can achieve accurate force control, high accuracy of repeated position, and lossless grasp of the chip.



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