How to Skillfully Build A Multi Axis Rectangular Coordinate Manipulator with Linear Modules?

Multi Axis Rectangular Coordinate Manipulator can be widly used diverse cases in specific applications, then How to skillfully build a multi axis rectangular coordinate manipulator with linear modules?

As a manipulator in the automation industry, the linear module has a wide range of uses and is suitable for various scenarios. In many cases, the desired automation effect cannot be achieved by moving only one slider. At this time, an extension arm function can be added to the slider, which can turn the linear module into a rectangular coordinate manipulator through the control program and the role of the motor, Realize the effect of one-step to multi-step movement.

Take the single axis linear module as an example. If there are two sliding blocks on the linear module, the first rectangular coordinate manipulator is to use the program to control the two sliding blocks to go in different directions. At the same time, install the motor on the sliding block, install the working components on the sliding block, and then the two sliding blocks can work respectively. The second way to use it is to add another module on the slider, which is the extension arm. The extended module can also move and work like an independent module. By analogy, the linear module can be extended many times for a wider range of automation.

Like computer language, linear module of synchronous belt has infinite possibilities to realize automation. Talman Robotics Limited is a linear module manufacturer for many years. It can provide customers with automation solutions, solve customers’ problems, realize customers’ automation transformation, and strive to improve customers’ production efficiency and reduce production costs. We can develop more new modules for customers in need, such as TM-30 linear modules with smaller volume and micro screw modules with ultra-high precision. Customers and friends who want to build rectangular coordinate manipulator to solve more problems of automatic production are welcome to consult us at any time.



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