How to Make Function of Drive Controller Stronger and End Clients Use More Simply?

Where is the Ceiling of domestic Integrated Drive Controller? How to Make Function Stronger and End Clients Use More Simply?

“With more and more extensive application of robots, how to apply robots to more different application scenarios, provide more humanized, simpler and more open one-stop solutions, and meet the application needs of high-precision and cutting-edge industries with rapid development is the driving force for the development of the end effector market”,Says CEO Mr. Tallman from Tallman Robotics Limited.

Integrated controller driver

Industrial manufacturing equipment is an extremely complex system engineering. How to easily and efficiently combine actuators of different brands has always been one of the difficult problems perplexing equipment integrators and industrial production enterprises. The compatibility of actuator hardware body can be solved by mature and efficient methods such as adapter plate and adjusting mounting hole position; However, the coordination and compatibility of the drive control part or Integrated Drive Controller requires a lot of manpower and time cost to formulate and implement the solution, which is complex and inefficient.

As a leading supplier of precision motion control systems and components,Tallman Robotics has continuously explored drive control, invested a lot of scientific research, and has always spared no effort to launch better drive control solutions for the industry. Tallman Robotics not only launched a complete set of self-developed and high-performance servo gripper, servo push rod, servo slide, VCM voice coil motor driver, linear motor driver and other precision actuator parts, but also adopted the same control system, Integrated Drive Controller for all products, effectively reducing the cost of programming learning and maintaining the stability of products.

At present, Tallman Robotics has launched all electric gripper on the market, which can not only perfectly adapt to domestic mainstream cooperative robots such as Jaka, alite and Aobo; At the same time, it can also cooperate with foreign famous industrial robots such as abb, KUKA, Yaskawa, Kawasaki and so on; In terms of compatibility, adaptation range and stability of robots, Tallman Robotics has been at the leading level in the industry.

Integrated Drive Controller

With years of deep technical precipitation in the fields of electronics, algorithms, architecture, software and other disciplines, in 2021,Tallman Robotics R & D team launched an upgraded TM-CEP drive+control integrated controller based on the original TM-C controller. This controller has multiple advantages, such as multiple control modes, supporting “electric ventilation”, adapting to a variety of industrial network standards, high response and so on. It can not only control all TM series electric cylinders and electric grippers from Tallman Robotics, but also has high control compatibility. Servo motors of mainstream brands at home and abroad can be compatible.



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