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Medical Automation with Smart Electric Grippers

How to realiase Medical Automation with Smart Electric Grippers?

Medical automation can greatly improve the work efficiency of the front-end and back-end of modern medical treatment, reduce the process and improve the accuracy. It has become a hot technology in recent years.

The development of medical automation can greatly simplify the workflow, strengthen quality management, reduce human error and biological pollution rate, liberate researchers from cumbersome, repetitive, time-consuming and fine processes, and make them put into more effective work.
96 well plate storage and handling

Unmanned laboratory is not only reflected in the preparation of samples. Through the combination of “AGV + six axis robot + electric claw + vision”, the 96 well plate kit handling task after sample cup division can also be unmanned. TM electric claw can complete the task of grasping, loading and unloading, transfer the 96 well plate to the storage bin, or transport the processed sample box to the testing equipment, so as to stabilize the grasping and ensure the safety during sample handling.

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