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Hypoid Hollow Rotary Tables are a specialized type of hollow rotary table gearbox consist of right angle gearbox and Hypoid gears, used in various industrial applications. Here are some key points about them:

Hypoid Gear Design:

Hypoid gears are a type of bevel gear with a non-intersecting, non-parallel shaft arrangement.
This unique gear geometry allows for a compact, low-profile design of the rotary table.

Hollow Center Design:

Hypoid Hollow Platforms have a hollow center or through-hole in the middle of the table.
This allows cables, hoses, or other components to pass through the center of rotation.
It provides access and flexibility for integrated systems and automation.

Key Features:

High torque capacity for their compact size
Precise angular positioning and repeatability
Smooth, low-backlash rotation
Ability to handle heavy loads and moments
Rugged construction for industrial environments

Hypoid Hollow Rotary Tables Hypoid Hollow Rotary Tables

Hypoid Hollow Rotary Tables

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