Industry Automation Exhibition Will be Held In GuangZhou

Industry Automation Exhibition will Focus on technical topics such as industrial robots, transmission systems, sensors, human machine interface devices (HMI) and embedded systems, connectivity, electrical technology and industrial Internet.
Industrial robot, machine vision, intelligent storage and logistics integration solutions
Electrical system and connection system
Induction technology and industrial measurement
Internet of things, industrial Internet and man-machine interface device
The exhibition is aimed at automotive engineering, household appliances, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, packaging and printing, new energy and other application industries, and promotes the comprehensive intelligent upgrading from enterprises to industries.

Industry Automation

01 Forum on “carbon neutrality” accelerating the development of industrial Internet
Focusing on the national dual carbon strategy, we will deeply integrate the new generation of information technology with the manufacturing industry, and help enterprises improve quality and efficiency, reduce consumption and emission, work safely, and transform and upgrade to digitization and intelligence from the two aspects of production and management.

02 “Dialogue invisible champion” Forum
Through the dialogue between the invisible champion of international intelligent manufacturing industry and the invisible champion or leader of local high-end manufacturing industry, we can gain insight into the latest development trend of the industry, how enterprises can continue to develop, become bigger and stronger in the context of transformation and upgrading, green intelligence and “carbon neutrality”, and provide suggestions and capabilities for subdivided industries in South China.

03 TSN (time sensitive network) technology and Application Forum
The third TSN technology and Application Forum will take “accelerating the integration of it and OT” as the theme, covering the current standardization process of TSN, chip development scheme, the relationship between TSN and surrounding areas such as 5g, the Ethernet relationship between TSN and spe-l1 layer, as well as the sharing of industry standards and Application industries.
04 Production line automation and Industrial Vision Application Forum

In the process of China’s transformation from a manufacturing power to an intelligent manufacturing power, machine vision is an extremely key technology to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing. This forum will bring application cases of machine vision in automatic production lines such as automobiles, household appliances, lithium batteries and mobile phones. With the gradual penetration of China’s manufacturing industry into complex fields such as assembly and testing, machine vision will further bring a higher level of productivity to production line automation.

05 SISS intelligent industrial solutions Summit
*Sensor 4.0 drive automation industry
*Man machine cooperation, industrial robot, vision technology and industrial application
*Connecting technology and industrial Internet of things
*Preventive maintenance
*Innovative application of embedded system
*Technical application of man-machine interface

Tallman Robotics Will Attend this exhibition, you are welcome to visit.



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