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Advantages of TM-CEP integrated controller driver for diverse electric grippers.  You are welcome to  https://www.youtube.com/@tallmanrobotics to watch our video centre for more projects or news, or visit our website load down e-catalogues for further technical data.

Integrated controller driver


1 Various control modes
      Compared with end effector control system of well-known foreign brands, TM-CEP integrated controller driver supports three in one control of I / O, pulse and BUS, TM-CEP integrated controller driver can be freely and quickly switched and upgraded on the production line equipment with different control modes, and can easily integrate into different control modes.

2 Open I / O can easily realize “electric gripper replaces pneumatic gripper”.
    I / O control mode of TM integrated controller driver  is simple. Customers can freely configure the functional action of each I / O, and adopt the same wiring as the electric to adapt the pneumatic battery valve control, so as to truly realize “plug and play”, “wiring before configuration”, and quickly and conveniently realize “electric gripper replaces pneumatic gripper”.

3 Suitable for most industrial field communication networks
     Bus control of TM integrated controller driver supports a variety of industrial network standards such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet / IP, CANopen, PROFINET and EtherCAT, so as to meet the different communication protocols used by terminal equipment customers, facilitate customers to connect products to industrial host or cloud through industrial Internet, and provide a more comprehensive data interface for Industry 4.0.

4  High flexibility of control products
    TM integrated controller  can support the expansion of intelligent electric gripper products of different specifications. To realize: same controller, multiple end effectors are common, and can be used together with simple switching.

5 Extremely high response rate
    Based on  synchronous internal high-speed BUS of industrial network, the response rate of TM integrated controller driver can be μ s for precision data input and output control, with high response speed and super anti-interference ability.

6 Excellent control performance
    TM-CEP integrated control driver  can show the best servo control effect on any servo electric gripper from Tallman Robotics Limited and even the most severe nonlinear load and ultra-high resolution system machinery can be easily used.

7 Preset 10 + function, supporting secondary development
    Built in more than 10 functions such as adaptive pushing / clamping, pushing / clamping confirmation, workpiece measurement, self-tuning, force position hybrid control and vibration suppression, TM integrated driver controller  supports secondary development and provides a complete SDK / API to minimize development costs and meet customer project needs.

Integrated controller driver

Since entering the market, TM-CEP integrated controller driver has won a good reputation from market by virtue of its strong compatibility, multi-functional loading, high performance, high control accuracy, simple programming, high stability and other excellent performance. At present, TM-CEP integrated controller driver has been widely used in 3C electronics, medical treatment, automobile, precision manufacturing, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing and other fields. With its innovation and uniqueness, TM-CEP integrated driver controller  from Tallman Robotics has been recognized by the authority in the industry and won the “2021 golden ball award for innovative products” of high-tech robot.

Industrial manufacturing equipment is an extremely complex system engineering. How to easily and efficiently combine actuators of different brands has always been one of the difficult problems perplexing equipment integrators and industrial production enterprises. The compatibility of actuator hardware body can be solved by mature and efficient methods such as adapter plate and adjusting mounting hole position; However, the coordination and compatibility of the drive control part requires a lot of manpower and time cost to formulate and implement the solution, which is complex and inefficient.

“With the more and more extensive application of robots, how to apply robots to more different application scenarios, provide more humanized, simpler and more open one-stop solutions, and meet the application needs of high-precision and cutting-edge industries with rapid development is the driving force for the development of the end effector market”.Says CEO Mr. Tallman from Tallman Robotics Limited. 




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