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Integrated Rotating Electric Gripper in our Integrated servo rotary clamping jaw by Model No.TM-RGM-ITG  from Tallman Robotics Limited has highlights as follows: 

  • Force position hybrid control
  • Integrated built-in control
  • Infinite rotating by 360° in reversal
  • The force, position and rotation angle are adjustable and controllable
  • Drive control integrated networking application
  • Compact structure
  • Plug and play with cooperative robots
  • Intelligent grab feedback, drop detection
  • Position and force control mode
  • It can be directly connected to the front-end port of the robot
  • High protection grade, suitable for harsh working conditions

The rotation of the infinite rotating clamping claw can be adjusted as needed, the clamping force range is 0-100n, the torque, torque and opening displacement can be adjusted, and the automatic cover opening link is flexible and controllable.
The rotary clamping claw can be quickly disassembled, and can be used for tube clamping, fixing, liquid transfer and other operations. It can also be used to automatically switch various threaded covers in the experiment, so that the original tube of the acquisition tube can be covered and loaded with samples. Cooperating with the robot, it can realize automatic cover opening, liquid transfer and detection.

Detailed Technical Parameters of Integrated Rotating Gripper from Tallman Robotics Limited:

2 Finger Parallel Rotary Gripper


Note:1.The data comes from the measured results in the laboratory at 25 ℃.2. The rotation stroke is ± 1000 R, and the unit is R.

Application background and significance of Integrated Rotating Gripper Technology
Robot grasping technology to improve the degree of automation in the production process. The application of manipulator is conducive to the automation of material transmission, workpiece loading and unloading, tool replacement and machine assembly, so as to improve labor productivity and reduce production costs.

The robot can be directly used to complete the work with high temperature, low pressure or other dangerous working conditions without human hands, and the robot can be directly used to improve the working conditions with high temperature, high pressure or toxic noise, and can be used to avoid human hands or other dangerous working conditions without human hands,Improve working conditions.In some simple, repetitive, especially bulky operations, using robot grasping technology to work instead of people can avoid personal accidents caused by operation fatigue or negligence.
Robot grasping technology can reduce manpower and facilitate rhythmic production. The application of manipulator to work on behalf of people is one side of directly reducing manpower. At the same time, because the application of robot grasping technology can work continuously, it is another side of reducing manpower. Therefore, in the integrated processing automatic line of automatic machine tools, robot grasping technology is applied to reduce manpower and more accurately control the beat of production, so as to facilitate rhythmic work and production.

To sum up, the effective application of robot grasping technology is the inevitable trend of the development of machinery industry.

After decades of development, robot grasping technology has entered an era marked by general robot grasping technology. Due to the application and development of general manipulator, the development of intelligent robot is promoted. The knowledge content involved in robot grasping technology not only includes general basic knowledge such as machinery, hydraulic pressure and pneumatic, but also applies some electronic technology, television technology, communication technology, computing technology, radio control, bionics and prosthetic technology. Therefore, it is a new technology with strong comprehensiveness. At present, both at home and abroad attach great importance to the development of this new technology. For decades, the research and development of this technology has been relatively active, the design is constantly modified, the variety is constantly increasing, and the application field is also constantly expanding.

How The Integrated Rotating Gripper Can Benefit Industry Professionals

In a fast-paced and ever-changing industrial landscape, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why innovation is key, and why integrated rotating gripper can benefit industry professionals. With its ability to rotate and orient objects, the gripper can provide a level of control and flexibility that is unmatched by traditional grippers.

This gripper is also intelligent, thanks to its built-in sensors. These sensors allow the gripper to adapt to the changing environment and respond accordingly. The result is a gripper that is more efficient, reliable, and versatile. If you’re looking for a gripper that can give you an edge in the industry, look no further than the integrated rotating gripper.

How Does Integrated Rotating Gripper Work?

Integrated rotating gripper is capable of rotating itself and the objects it grips, allowing for a degree of control that cannot be matched by traditional grippers. The rotating action is enabled by a series of motors, gears, and linkages that control the rotational movement of the gripper. The gripper is able to rotate at a variety of angles and directions, giving the user an incredible level of control over their work. The integrated rotating gripper also features built-in sensors, which allow it to operate in an adaptive manner. The sensors detect changes in force, speed, and angle, and the gripper can react accordingly. This enables the gripper to be used in a variety of other industries that require precise control. The sensors also make the gripper reliable and resistant to damage, allowing for long-term use.

What are the benefits of using The Integrated Rotating Gripper?

The integrated rotating gripper provides a number of advantages to industrial professionals.

Firstly, its rotating action gives the user an unprecedented level of control over their work, allowing for more precise and accurate handling of delicate or fragile objects. The rotating capability also makes the gripper suitable for use in a variety of other industries, including assembly and packaging. The integrated rotating gripper also offers the advantage of being intelligent, thanks to its built-in sensors. This allows the gripper to adapt to its environment and react accordingly, meaning it is less likely to damage objects due to misalignment or incorrect handling.

In addition, the intelligent nature of the gripper means it can be used in more dynamic settings, such as automated production lines.

How can 2 Finger Parallel Rotary Gripper be Used in Industry?

The integrated rotating gripper has a wide range of potential uses in industry, depending on the requirements of the user. It is particularly suited for more delicate work, such as packaging, assembly, or manufacturing tasks. It is also ideal for automated production lines, which require precision control and minimal downtime. The gripper’s versatile and reliable nature means it could also be used in other industries, such as material handling, construction, or even healthcare.


The integrated rotating gripper is an incredibly useful tool for industry professionals, with its ability to rotate and orient objects giving unprecedented levels of control. Its built-in sensors also make it reliable and intelligent, allowing it to be used in a variety of industries. It is the perfect tool for those looking for an edge in the industrial landscape.

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