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Build A Moat of Brand Based on Intelligent Electric Grippers

Intelligent Electric Grippers can Build A Moat for Our Brand and our company?

“Contrast to pneumatic gripper, Intelligent Electric Grippers can carry out digital control, which is convenient and accurate to control the speed, position and clamping force. Through vector control and dynamic compensation, the electric gripper can realize force control under high beat, and has the characteristics of flexibility and intelligence.” Jack, marketing director of Tallman Robotics Limited, said.

On the other hand, the electric clamping claw saves a series of accessories such as air compressor, solenoid valve, throttle valve and air pipe, which can effectively simplify the automation equipment, and can be used in laboratory, medical and other air free occasions, as well as 3C, semiconductor and other high-precision industries, effectively realizing the organic combination of industrial robot technology and product flexible manufacturing.

Truly realize “one claw multi-purpose”

Tallman Robotics is a domestic manufacturer specializing in providing precision electromechanical parts for precision equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, it is also one of the earliest enterprises in China to enter the field of intelligent execution system. Its independently developed and produced servo gripper, servo push rod, servo slide, servo rotary cylinder and drive control integrated controller integrate its independent core servo control algorithm, electronic circuit Software design and high-precision force control technology, the products are widely used in the field of precision automation.

In the field of electric gripper, Tallman Robotics creatively replaces the end effector of industrial robot from the traditional cylinder gripper with complex gas circuit to the integrated electric gripper, and endows it with more functions and operability.

At present, Tallman Robotics has launched multiple series of micro grippers, such as double gripper, three gripper, rotation, 50kg large load and large stroke, as well as integrated rotary gripper. The products adopt embedded guide rail, high rigidity, built-in controller (optional), precision force control function (optional), and have the functions of grasping judgment, IO, pulse, bus three in one control, programmable and so on, The opening and closing speed of the micro electric claw can be up to 0.5/s, and the force control accuracy can be up to 0.01N.

Specifically, in the manufacturing process of high-end precision parts, Tallman Robotics Intelligent Electric Grippers can be used to grasp fragile and small workpieces, such as precision lenses, circuit boards, chips, precision coils, LCD panel frames, etc. combined with the “adaptive clamping” function, it can grasp workpieces of different sizes in the same process without placing sensors, It can realize the whole process of grasping, handling and following up the actual situation.

Intelligent Electric Grippers

It is understood that the electric claw of Tallman Robotics can not only realize the stable output of 0.1N micro force, but also be competent to grasp workpieces weighing up to 10kg, truly realize “one claw multi-purpose”, and save a lot of costs for customers while improving work flexibility. Its out of the box, integrated drive control design and powerful adaptive clamping function have been supported and recognized by many manufacturing customers.

Breakthrough of intelligent electric gripper & cylinder technology “from zero to one”

However, there are not many electric gripper products on the market at present, but there are large and small problems, mainly manifested in the lack of stability and reliability of electric gripper. In this regard, Tallman, CEO of Tallman Robotics, said: “the service life of the electric gripper and the anti-interference ability in harsh environment are the key factors affecting the customer’s use experience. In order to improve the quality of product stability and reliability, it is necessary to break through the intelligent electric cylinder technology behind the electric gripper, which puts forward high requirements for the manufacturer’s self-research ability of software and hardware.”

At the beginning of 2016, Tallman Robotics began the exploration of intelligent electric cylinder and Intelligent Electric Grippers. The concept of Tallman Robotics is to provide intelligent, reliable and affordable electric cylinder one-stop solutions for the field of mechanical automation, and is committed to building the first brand of intelligent electric cylinder in China.

“In the past, the servo electric cylinders or Intelligent Electric Grippers we used were almost imported from Taiwan, Japan, Germany and other places. At that time, no suitable alternative products were found in China. Under this background, Tallman Robotics began to develop and overcome the robot single axis gripper in order to fill the gap in the domestic market.”

Tallman Robotics team members are mainly composed of Professor Gao Ren from Hubei Tech University and many overseas returnees from the UK, Singapore and the Netherlands, involving force sensing fusion algorithm, software architecture, electronics and electrical, mechanical equipment and other industries, laying a solid foundation for innovation and development.

Intelligent Electric Grippers

Compared with most domestic electric cylinder and Intelligent Electric Grippers manufacturers, the biggest advantage of Tallman robotics is that it has completed the breakthrough of “from zero to one” of Intelligent Electric Grippers technology, and the way of independent research and development is adopted from servo motor to software control. “Hardware determines the performance boundary. The electric cylinder control system is the most basic software platform, which gives full play to the hardware performance and defines the product behavior.” Tallman said that at present, the servo motor, controller and transmission parts of Tallman robotics have all realized independent research and development, with powerful functions and high cost performance.

TM Intelligent Electric Grippers adopts highly integrated design, with compact structure and convenient installation; More than 10 kinds of practical functions are built in, which can complete various complex actions without adding additional sensors; TM software platform provides point editing control without any code; Support secondary development and rich programming interfaces; Compatible with many industrial Ethernet protocols such as Modbus RTU, CANopen, Modbus TCP, Ethernet / IP, PROFINET, etc., the communication between terminal equipment is not restricted.

In addition, TM intelligent electric Intelligent Electric Grippers adopt its self-developed high-precision micro force control system, with a maximum accuracy of 0.01N, which can provide cost-effective precision force control solutions in polishing, press fitting, testing and other fields.

From the perspective of specific application, Tallman Robotics Intelligent Electric Grippers are combined with the core technology high-precision force control technology in the application of fine thermal welding to accurately output small force to push the circuit layout and PCB to perform the welding process. When the hot welding cutter head heats and melts the solder, it can quickly and accurately output and accurately locate, so as to meet the index requirements of processing quality.

It is worth mentioning that the craze of “sugar cake picking challenge” set off by the hottest Korean drama “squid game” this year will be broken accidentally because the sugar cake is very brittle, uneven or too hard. This seemingly simple game is very difficult to implement. In this regard, based on its high-precision force control technology, Tallman robotics achieved accurate output and positioning through TM intelligent electric cylinder, successfully deducted the “△” of sugar cake with a needle, and realized the intact pattern and smooth customs clearance.

Tallman Robotics, a leading provider of precision motion control systems and components, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It is committed to providing global customers with precision motion solutions and intelligent manufacturing of precision motion execution parts.

As one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the field of intelligent motion system, Tallman Robotics has mastered the core technology of precision motion control (softforce) through independent research and development ® High precision force control technology), founded “Talman Robotics” ®” Brand, through independent research and development, we have independently produced a series of precision electromechanical parts such as intelligent electric cylinder, electric clamping claw, VCM voice coil motor driver and linear motor driver. With the characteristics of reliable quality, high precision, low cost, easy to use and convenient maintenance, Tallman robotics series products have an increasing share of servo cylinders in China. The products are widely used in precision industrial manufacturing fields such as 3C electronics, semiconductor, lithium battery manufacturing and testing, biomedicine, aerospace technology and intelligent manufacturing.