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Intelligent Electric Grippers in Intelligent Operation Inspection Robot can Protect Substation Safety

Electric Robotic Grippers in Intelligent Operation Inspection Robot can Protect Substation Safety.

Automated robots are increasingly replacing human beings to undertake some dangerous and difficult tasks. For example, in a substation in Xi’an, the mobile intelligent operation inspection platform developed by Pinggao group is performing tasks.

The mobile intelligent operation inspection platform, which is composed of a high degree of freedom six axis machine, a 3D visual positioning and guidance system and a composite intelligent terminal execution system, is named “kuinu”. It can automatically identify the hand hole position and switch status by using the “eyes” (3D visual system) through the operation instructions of the monitoring system, Then guide the “fingers” (a multi-functional end effector composed of a hand cart operating tool, an intelligent clamping claw (TM-GB) and a turn back electric push rod (TM-RLA), and complete the knob and pressing of the emergency switch.

Intelligent Electric grippers

This set of mobile intelligent operation inspection platform can replace human hands to realize the four functions of one key sequence control, emergency opening, live detection and remote video inspection. It can simulate human hands to accurately realize the scheduled action. In the process, it can feed back the torque value and travel in real time. The operation height is 2100mm, and the operation accuracy is controlled within 1mm. The overall performance has reached the international leading level.

For example, in the emergency opening action, clamping, rotation, pressing and other actions need to be carried out at the same time. Through the assembly of the expanded intelligent electric clamping claw&Electric Robotic Grippers (TM-GB) and the turn back electric push rod (TM-RLA), a complete set of actions can be completed quickly, smoothly and accurately under the command of the central control system.

The integrated high integration design effectively reduces the occupation of space and outlet; The modular design, highly compatible control technology and support for secondary development can make the augmented intelligent “hand” perfectly compatible and friendly with other parts of the robot and the intelligent operation inspection system, effectively reduce the research and development difficulty of the whole machine, replace the manual completion of relevant tasks, and improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of power operation inspection.