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Large clamping force intelligent gripper TM-GB | adapt to “Ai + 3D vision” robot to upgrade automobile smart factory

Intelligent Gripper of Large Clamping Force Adapts to “Ai+3D vision” Robot. Recently, in the “Ai + 3D vision” product released by shibit robot, TM-GB smart figure appeared in the video of auto parts loading and assembly workstation (speedloader-M), clamping and transferring all kinds of auto parts.

In the video, in the black light factory of a leading auto parts enterprise, visual bit’s 3D vision system, AI machine vision, robot, TM-GB Intelligent Gripper, etc. are used to complete the loading and unloading process of auto parts, so as to accurately identify and grasp the exterior trim parts with multiple specifications, high reflection and large deformation in the material frame, and then place them in the secondary fixture after completing high-precision 3D deviation correction through 3D vision.

In intelligent and automated production workshops and production lines, Tallman Robotics actuator products can be seen everywhere. In the loading and unloading and assembly workshops of the automotive assembly industry with a high degree of automation, the figure of tm-gb intelligent gripper is the most common.

TM-GB Intelligent Gripper, the “big baby” in TM gripper family, is a mature and widely used intelligent gripper with significant advantages such as high rigidity, high load, high precision, high reliability and simple control; From micro type to heavy-duty type, the optional travel is rich, and there are many different specifications and models; It can be adapted to all kinds of cooperative robots and industrial robots for assembly, transportation, stacking and other processes of all kinds of articles with different weights.

Small body, large load, no chain falling when carrying heavy objects
• The maximum effective load of TM-GB Intelligent Gripper is 7 kg, which is equivalent to 2-3 times of its own weight. The clamping force is between 65-700 Newtons. It is a leader in similar products. It can easily handle heavy and huge heavy goods, such as assembly, transportation and stacking of automobile bearings, gears, lithium battery equipment, etc.
• TM-GB Intelligent Gripper clamping claw has high rigidity, long service life and durability; Even with high strength and heavy load, the chain will not fall off. The service life under extreme load can still reach 10 million times, and the stability is quite high.

TM-GB model Intelligent Gripper parameter description
• Stroke: 20-120mm
• Maximum clamping force: 65-700n
• Repeated positioning accuracy: ± 0.02mm
• Maximum dead weight: 3.6kg
Support customization under special working conditions

Large Clamping Force Intelligent Gripper

Born with intelligence and martial arts”
Thanks to the excellent controller technology DNA of Tallman robotics, TM-GB intelligent gripper is not only a gripper hardware, but “natural intelligence”, with more than ten preset functions. It can also realize the functions of clamping drop identification, area identification, accurate return and so on without additional devices.

Intelligent electric grippers

More than a dozen “inborn” functions
• Adaptive clamping
• Clamping confirmation function
• Workpiece size measurement function
• Clamping and falling identification function
• Area recognition function
• Power failure self-locking
• Vibration suppression
• Self setting function

Compatible with openness, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement
It is easy to control, supports secondary development, and is easily compatible with advanced extended functions such as “3D vision”.

Smart electric grippers

In addition to the advantages of out of the box and easy debugging, TM-GB Intelligent Gripper also has the ability to support the expansion of more advanced functions. TallMan Robotics provides a complete SDK package and API interface for all mainstream programming languages. Customers can meet the practical needs of various automation project application scenarios through simple secondary development and save customers’ development costs to the greatest extent.

In the loading and unloading process of auto parts, the visual bit robot is combined with TM-GB Intelligent Gripper clamping claw to accurately and stably move the heavy auto exterior parts to the specified position. TM-GB highly compatible control system can easily access all kinds of industrial field network environment, ensure stable and reliable communication quality, and operate smoothly with other extended functions on the industrial production line.

Easy to start, extensive “making friends”
Suitable for most brands of robots, “hand” and “arm” are friendly and cooperative.•
Since TM-GB was launched into the market, it has been widely loved by robots of major brands. In automatic automobile assembly workshops, it can be seen that TM-GB intelligent gripper is “working in friendly cooperation” with many robots of different brand
Like all Tallman Robotics actuator products, TM-GB intelligent gripper is very “friendly” and supports perfect adaptation to domestic mainstream cooperative robots such as Jaka, alite, Aobo, shibit, etc.; at the same time, it can also cooperate with barrier free supporting foreign famous industrial robots such as abb, KUKA, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, etc.; in terms of compatible adaptation range and stability of robots, augmented intelligence has been at the leading level in the industry.

Since its establishment, Tallman Robotics has developed a series of Intelligent Gripper with different hardware forms based on self-developed drive control integrated actuator control technology and software algorithm control technology, including intelligent clamping claw, intelligent push rod, sliding table, rotating cylinder and linear drive module, including clamping, pushing, pressing, sliding, rotating and other motion modules in industrial automation.

We always insist on using advanced control technology to drive the actuator hardware to work more and more “smart” and “hard and soft” like human hands, so as to help customers build and realize a more advanced and intelligent automatic production system.

Tallman robotics, a leading provider of precision motion control systems and components, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It is committed to providing global customers with precision motion solutions and intelligent manufacturing of precision motion core execution parts.

As one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the field of intelligent motion system, Tallman Robotics has mastered the core technology of precision motion control (softforce) through independent research and development, founded “TallMan Robotics” ®” Brand, through independent research and development, we have independently produced a series of precision electromechanical parts such as intelligent electric cylinder, electric clamping claw, VCM voice coil motor driver and linear motor driver. With the characteristics of reliable quality, high precision, low cost, simple and easy to use, convenient maintenance and so on, the share of TM series products in domestic servo electric cylinder is increasing. The products are widely used in precision industrial manufacturing fields such as 3C electronics, semiconductor, lithium battery manufacturing and testing, biomedicine, aerospace technology, intelligent manufacturing and so on.