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IP65 Waterproof Electric Cylinders

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IP65 Waterproof Electric Cylinders, also known as “dustproof and waterproof electric cylinders,”are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. 

With an IP65 rating, these cylinders offer protection against dust and low-pressure water jets, making them suitable for applications in outdoor or dusty environments.
IP65 Electric Cylinders typically consist of a motor, gearbox, and linear actuator. They are used in various industries, such as automation, robotics, and industrial machinery, to provide linear motion with precise control. The IP65 rating ensures their reliability and durability even in challenging conditions.
Some features of IP65 Waterproof Electric Cylinders may include sealed enclosures to prevent dust ingress, rust-resistant coatings, and moisture-proof designs. They may also come with built-in protection mechanisms to safeguard the motor and electrical components.
When selecting IP65 Electric Cylinders, it’s important to consider factors such as load capacity, speed, stroke length, and compatibility with control systems. Additionally, proper installation and maintenance are crucial to ensure their long-term performance and protection.

Main Features of IP65 Waterproof Electric Cylinders:
• Shell: Hard aluminum alloy, smooth treatment, beautiful; 45 steel, with strong load-bearing capacity.
• Piston rod (telescopic push rod): surface plated with hard chromium treatment, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant; SUS304, suitable for special needs.
• Accuracy: The repeated positioning accuracy can reach ± 0.05mm. When using grinding grade ball screw, the repeated positioning accuracy can reach up to ± 0.02mm. With closed-loop control (including
grating ruler and encoder), it can reach ± 0.01mm, meeting the needs of different occasions.
• Thrust: deceleration and other mechanisms can be added to reduce motor power and achieve high thrust.
• Protection level: IP65, IP67.
• Stroke: Customizable according to customer needs.
• Motor selection: AC servo motor, high precision, fast speed, small size, fast response, good acceleration performance, and large thrust.
• Stepper motor: High precision, slow speed, and low thrust.
• Ordinary DC motor: suitable for low-voltage power supply occasions, cannot be positioned, has small thrust, and a wide speed range.
• Three phase asynchronous motor: suitable for situations where only action requirements are met without displacement accuracy requirements.
• Special installation, protection, dust and moisture prevention;
• High and low temperature environments; (-40 ° to +80 °)
• Waterproofing and explosion-proof operations at sea;
• Linear displacement sensors, pressure sensors, and grating rulers can be added; Optional anti rotation mechanism;
• Planetary gear reducers and turbine reducers can be added;
• According to customer requirements, motors can also be provided by oneself.

Model selection Description of IP65 waterproof electric cylinders: You are welcome to load down our e-catalogue of IP65 waterproof Electric Cylinders. 


Product classification of IP65 Waterproof Electric Cylinders.
Linear IP65 Electric Cylinders
The linear electric cylinder adopts a modular design method, integrating elements such as servo motor, servo driver,high-precision ball screw, etc. The entire electric cylinder has the characteristics of compact structure, small inertia,fast response, high rigidity, low noise, and long service life. The servo motor is directly connected to the drive screw of the electric cylinder, allowing the encoder of the servo motor to directly feedback the displacement of the piston rod of the electric cylinder, reducing the inertia and clearance of the intermediate links, and improving control performance, control stiffness, and control accuracy. The servo motor is connected to the electric cylinder as a whole, making it easy to install, set up, and use.
Foldback IP65 Electric Cylinders
The motor of the foldable electric cylinder is installed parallel to the electric cylinder body. The motor is connected to the transmission screw of the electric cylinder through a high-strength synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel, which drives the screw transmission. In addition to the characteristics of a linear electric cylinder, and due to its short overall length, it is suitable for situations with smaller installation positions. The combination of servo motor and electric cylinder is flexible, easy to install, easy to set, and convenient to use. In addition, the synchronous belt selected for the foldable electric cylinder has the characteristics of high strength, small clearance, and long service life, which makes the entire electric cylinder have high control and precision.
Right angle IP65 Electric Cylinders
The motor of the right angle electric cylinder is connected to the transmission screw through a corner reducer or a worm gear reduction mechanism. In addition to the advantages of linear and foldable electric cylinders, it has a shorter total length and is more suitable for small installation spaces. It can achieve high reduction ratio, small driving power, and high thrust.

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