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This IP65 Waterproof Electric Gripper is a high-performance device designed to handle challenging environments with ease. With its robust construction and advanced waterproofing capabilities, this IP65 Waterproof Electric Gripper offers reliable and precise gripping functionality in various industries. 

In terms of waterproofing, IP65 rating indicates that the gripper has good dust-proof and waterproof performance.

This is usually achieved through sealing design and protective measures to prevent dust and water from entering the interior of the gripper. To ensure waterproof performance, the outer shell of the gripper usually adopts a sealed structure, which may include sealing rings, gaskets, or other sealing components. These sealing measures can prevent water and dust from entering the internal electronic and mechanical components of the gripper

IP65 Waterproof Electric Gripper is engineered to withstand exposure to water, dust, and other elements, making it suitable for outdoor and industrial applications. The IP65 rating ensures that it provides protection against ingress of both solid particles and low-pressure water jets, allowing it to operate reliably in wet or dusty conditions.

Featuring electric actuation, IP65 Waterproof Electric Gripper offers precise control and positioning, enabling accurate handling of objects. It can be seamlessly integrated into automated systems, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The waterproof design eliminates the need for additional enclosures or protection, reducing complexity and costs.

Whether used in manufacturing, robotics, automotive, or any other industry that requires rugged and waterproof grippers, IP65 Waterproof Electric Gripper delivers consistent performance and durability. It offers a reliable solution for handling objects in harsh environments, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. With its compact size and versatile design, it can adapt to different setups and applications, providing a flexible and efficient gripping solution.

Items                                                                                   Technical Parameters
Product code


Size code




Max clamping force                                                               150N
Max payload(kg)


Maxs speed open/close                                                    0.7/0.7(s)         
Allowable load(Nm)

MR:5.5 , MP:3.7 , MY:3.1

Positioning repeatability                                                                   ±0.03(mm)   


Control method


Communication protocol                                                  Modbus RTU
Rated voltage(V)


Rated current(A)


Ambient environment

0 ~ 40℃,85%RH ( below )

IP rating


In addition to industrial and outdoor applications, IP65 waterproof electric grippers can also be widely used in the following fields:
1. Medical Equipment: In the medical industry, this IP65 Waterproof Electric Gripper can be used for the operation of medical equipment, such as surgical robots, laboratory automation equipment, etc., to ensure accurate clamping and operation in clean and humid environments.
2. Food processing: The food processing field requires frequent cleaning of equipment. The IP65 waterproof electric gripper is suitable for food processing and packaging machinery, and can work stably in humid production environments.
3. Oceans and Ships: The waterproof requirements for equipment in the field of ships and oceans are very high, and this clamp can be used for marine exploration equipment, ship automation systems, etc.
4. Laboratory and scientific research: In scientific research laboratories, IP65 Waterproof Electric Gripper may need to come into contact with various liquids or operate in humid environments, and its IP65 waterproof characteristics make it suitable for such applications.
5. Automotive and Transportation: During the manufacturing and maintenance process of automobiles, grippers can be used to grip and operate components, especially in work involving water washing or humid areas.
6. Agriculture and Horticulture: Agricultural and horticultural equipment is often exposed to outdoor environments, and grippers can be used for automated irrigation systems, agricultural product harvesting machinery, etc.
7. Energy and Power: In the energy and power industry, such as the maintenance of wind turbines and solar equipment, waterproof clamps can be used to clamp and operate components.
8. Underwater robots: Underwater robots require waterproof clamping devices to perform various tasks, such as sampling and detection.
9. Electronic Equipment Manufacturing: In the electronic manufacturing process,IP65 Waterproof Electric Gripper can be used to clamp and assemble sensitive electronic components, and their waterproof characteristics help prevent component damage.
These are just some possible application areas. In fact, the applicability of IP65 waterproof electric grippers can be extended to more fields according to specific needs and innovative applications. Its waterproof performance and electric driving method give it great advantages in clamping operations that require water resistance, moisture resistance, or special environmental conditions.

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