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Lead Screw Modules are Ready for Delivery to Germany

Lead Screw Module, also named as Lead screw linear modules, finished and ready for Delivery to Germany

Lead Screw Linear Module is mainly composed of ball screw, linear guide rail, aluminum alloy, ball screw pair, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch, etc. Ball screw is an ideal product that converts rotary motion into linear motion or linear motion into rotary motion. Ball screw consists of screw, nut and ball. It transforms the function of rotary motion into linear motion, which is the further promotion and development of ball screw. The significance of its development is to transform the bearing from rolling motion to sliding motion. Ball screw is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments because of its small friction resistance. High precision linear motion can be realized under high load conditions.


Positioning in Lead Screw Linear Module market of photovoltaic equipment, loading and unloading machinery, cutting equipment, coating equipment, and shift SMT equipment, such manipulators can bring convenience to the industry: moving speed, high single precision, light weight, small space occupied by body positioning equipment, and long service life. The application of Ball Screw Linear Modules has been expanding and favored by equipment manufacturers. Linear modules have been widely used in measurement, laser welding, laser cutting, gluing machine, spraying machine, stamping machine, glue passing machine, small CNC machine tools, carving and milling machine, traction machine, cutting machine, sample transmission machine, sorting machine, testing machine and other local education.

Nowadays, ball screws are used in many mechanical and automatic equipment, and they are also used in modules. As a linear transmission equipment, linear modules have two main methods. One is composed of ball screw and linear guide rail, and the other is composed of synchronous belt and synchronous pulley. Its wide range of use, convenient equipment, high precision, for a wide range of users to accept! It omits the detailed link of making the structure of linear motion.


Since the rolling screw is involved in many equipment, it must have its own uniqueness. The ball screw is composed of screw, nut and ball. Its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, which is the further extension and development of ball screw. The significance of this development is to change the bearing from rolling motion to sliding motion. Because of its small friction resistance, ball screw is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

In fact, ball screws and precision machinery are common transmission components in production equipment. Their main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or torque into axial repeated force. Together, they have the characteristics of high precision, reversibility and high efficiency. Ball screw is also called ball screw and ball screw.
The main features of the application of ball screw in the module are as follows:

  1. It can complete micro and high-speed feeding

The ball screw pair will not slide and can complete micro feeding; As long as the feed pulse is small, the ball screw lever pair can complete the micron feed. Because the ball screw pair has low heating and can make large lead screw, it can complete high-speed feeding.

  1. High positioning accuracy

The rolling conflict between the nut and the screw of the ball screw pair is completed by rolling the ball. The movement of the rolling linear guide rail is completed by rolling the steel ball. The conflict resistance of the guide rail pair is small, the difference between the dynamic and static conflict resistance is small, and crawling will not occur at low speed. High accuracy of repeated positioning, suitable for frequent starting or reversing of moving parts.

  1. Simple assembly and interchangeability

The ball screw is interchangeable with the rolling guide rail. The module can obtain high precision from scratch by replacing the slider or guide rail or the entire rolling guide rail pair.

  1. Low wear

Because the energy consumption of rolling contact is small, the collision loss of rolling surface is reduced accordingly, so the rolling linear guide rail system can be in a high-precision state for a long time. At the same time, the use of smooth oil is also very few, which makes the planning and application protection of the smooth system of the machine tool very simple.

  1. Strong bearing capacity

The rolling linear guide rail has a good bearing function and can accept forces and moment loads in different directions, such as forces in the up, down, left and right directions, as well as fluctuating moments, rocking moments and rocking moments. Therefore, it has good load habit.

  1. Longevity

For the nut of the ball screw pair, the hardness of the screw reaches HRC58-62, and the hardness of the ball reaches hrc62-66, and there is a tumbling conflict between them, so it can complete a high fatigue life and precision life.

  1. Get used to high-speed Sports

Due to the small conflict resistance of the module with rolling linear guide, the required power source and power transmission organization can be miniaturized, and the driving torque can be greatly reduced. It can complete high-speed linear motion and improve the working efficiency of the machine tool.