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Linear Actuators Robots are a pivotal technology in modern robotics due to their versatility, precision, and scalability. They have a broad range of applications in various fields.

Here’s an overview of how Linear Actuators Robots are integrated into robotic systems and their benefits:

Classification and Mechanisms:

Types: Linear Actuators Robots can be driven by different mechanisms including screw type, belt drives, and linear motors. Each mechanism offers unique advantages; for instance, screw-based actuators driven by stepping motors are highly suitable for precise positioning but may be underpowered for certain applications requiring servo motors.
Motion and Force: These actuators provide both horizontal and vertical motion. They can handle travel distances up to 500 feet and speeds up to 600 inches per second, and manage loads up to 10,000 pounds, making them suitable for a variety of industrial applications.


Manufacturing Automation: Linear Actuators Robots are prominently used in automation for repetitive, tedious, or dangerous tasks. They help in streamlining processes and maintaining high precision and consistency in manufacturing, greatly reducing production costs.
Prosthetics: The introduction of micro linear actuators has revolutionized prosthetics, enabling more natural and powerful motions in prosthetic hands. These tiny actuators offer significant strength and precision, essential for driving individual fingers directly.
Drones and Aerospace: In drones, actuators are used for functions such as camera gimbals, retractable landing gear, and arms for manipulating objects. They are also incorporated into aerospace applications, such as the International Space Station, demonstrating their reliability and precision in high-stakes environments.

In conclusion, Linear Actuators Robots are vital components in the development of robotic systems, offering a broad spectrum of applications from industrial automation to advanced prosthetics and space exploration. Their adaptability, precision, and robustness make them indispensable in advancing robotics technology into the future.

Here, we introduce our Screw drive linear modules by model TMS45 semi-closed type for general environment. 

Belt Driven Linear Modules

Linear Actuators RobotsLinear Actuators Robots

Screw Driven Modules

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