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Linear Belt Drive Actuators are Completed for Clients from France

Linear Belt Drive Actuators will be transported to French Clients


Linear Belt Drive Actuators, or Synchronous belt transmission, is a meshing belt transmission mode. It transmits power through the engagement of the side teeth on the inner surface of the drive belt and the corresponding slots on the belt pulley.

Synchronous belt drive has the characteristics of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive. Since the belt and pulley in the transmission process transmit power through meshing, when there is no relative sliding between the belt and pulley, the accuracy of the pulley transmission ratio can also be guaranteed.

belt driven linear actuator usually takes steel wire or glass fiber rope as the main stretching body and neoprene or polyurethane as the matrix. Its texture is light and thin, and it can be used for higher running speed. The linear speed of synchronous belt can reach 50m/s, the transmission ratio can reach 10% and the efficiency can reach 98%. Compared with belt, chain and gear transmission, the transmission has less noise, good wear resistance and does not need grease lubrication. Its disadvantages are high manufacturing and installation accuracy and strict distance between points. Therefore, synchronous belts are widely used in medium and small power drives that need accurate transmission ratio.


Belt drive linear actuator is widely used as a common component in the existing mechanical transmission system of enterprises. The synchronous belt pulley is divided into the following two different structures: one is that the synchronous belt pulley has a somewhat similar structure to the gear, and the other is that the synchronous belt pulley has a retaining edge; The synchronous belt pulley with the retaining edge has the function of preventing the transmission belt from falling off, and can be widely used in the transmission device of construction machinery.


The change of NC lathe manipulator to NC lathe machining
The manipulator of the CNC lathe replaces the original manual operation, and replaces the manual operation part of the CNC lathe by the manipulator, which realizes the full-automatic operation of the automatic grasping, loading and unloading, clamping, processing and other processes of the workpiece.
CNC lathe manipulator reduces the dependence of enterprises on labor, reduces production costs, realizes sustainable development, and changes our production mode at the same time. CNC lathe manipulator has a great impact on modern production industry, it does not
And it is competitive with the modern sunrise industry.
In the process of modern production, manipulator is widely used in automatic production line. Its development and production has become a new technology with rapid development in high-tech field, which further promotes the development of automation and makes manipulator better
And realize organic combination. Although the mechanical arm is not as flexible as the human hand, it has the advantages of repeated work, no fatigue, no fear of danger and so on. The weight lifting force is greater than the human force.

Status quo of NC lathe machining

1. Rising labor costs
In recent years, the minimum wage of workers has risen rapidly with an annual increase of 15%. The increase of labor costs has brought more and more pressure to the operation of processing enterprises.
2. It is difficult to recruit, lose and manage
with fierce market competition, enterprises need to improve their competitiveness
3. With the increasingly fierce market competition, processing enterprises need to continuously improve their competitiveness to meet customers’ high requirements for product quality stability and delivery rate, and win market opportunities.

Advantages of CNC lathe manipulator
1. Significantly reduce labor costs
After the adoption of CNC lathe manipulator, the labor cost can be greatly reduced,
2. All day production
The manipulator of CNC lathe can run continuously and automatically for 24 hours, greatly improving the production efficiency and equipment utilization, and creating higher output value for enterprises.
3. Reduce the boredom of work and reduce the loss of excellent employees
The operators say goodbye to the boring work in front of the machine tools, and can walk between the machine tools, inspect the working conditions of the manipulator, add raw materials in time, and obtain the processed products. The workload will be greatly reduced.
4. Manipulator automatic control
The manipulator of CNC lathe is controlled by program and automatically operates according to program instructions, which can greatly increase the stability of product quality.

The CNC lathe manipulator is applicable to CNC lathes of various machine tool manufacturers and models without changing the existing structure of the machine tool. The transformation period is short and can be put into use quickly. After the manipulator of CNC lathe is put into use, its working stability is high.