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Linear Belt Drive Modules are ready for delivery to Germany

Linear Belt Drive Modules are ready for pickup and will be delivered to German Client.

Linear Motion Actuators

Linear Belt Drive Modules have the advantages of low cost and small size, so it can save high-pressure oil pump, oil tank, air compressor and other miscellaneous pipelines and auxiliary machinery and equipment. Stepper motor or servo motor and corresponding servo driver can be adopted, and standard electronic computer communication equipment port can be adopted, which makes the actual operation more convenient and effectively improves the efficiency.

In the development and design of Linear Belt Drive Modules, the guide rail with high-precision slider is adopted to promote the activity and stability in the running state; At the same time, because it also has the characteristics of compact structure and direct motor drive, the product has exquisite advantages in technical parameters, which can save the space of machinery and equipment.

Because the rolling bearing steel ball is very suitable for high-speed activities, and its friction coefficient is also very small. The key is that it has extremely high sensitivity and can meet the different requirements of various moving parts, just like the support plate and the tool holder of NC lathe.

In terms of the current manufacturing and operation requirements, linear module slide is divided into three types, namely ball screw type, synchronous belt type and rack and pinion type. They have different technical structures and operation capabilities, and their efficiency and precision are very different in different occasions.

Linear Modules from Tallman Robotics Limited can be classified into: screw drive linear modules, belt driven linear modules, semi-closed linear modules, fully closed linear modules, dust proof linear modules, waterproof linear modules, Long stroke linear modules, heavy duty linear modules, multi axis linear modules, XYZ gantry Systems.

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