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Linear Electric Cylinders will be Delivered to USA

Linear electric cylinders are finished for delivery to client from USA. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects. For other deliveries of our products or multi axis linear module, pleas check news in home page.

Today, I’m going to share an interesting product from Tallman Robotics Limited.

But first of all, before talking about Linear Electric Cylinders, I’d like to briefly introduce Tallman Robotics Limited, which is a one-stop linear motion system solution service provider, and a R&D, professional manufacturer. We serve global clients with linear modules, intelligent electric grippers, hollow rotary tables, automation components and precision motion system.

Respectively speaking,
Linear modules include single axis linear modules, multi axis linear modules, screw driven type, belt driven type, semi-closed type, fully-closed type, and water-proof type.
Intelligent electric grippers consist of 2-finger Adaptive Electric Robotic Grippers, 3-Jaw Self-Centering Electric Grippers, long stroke electric grippers, rotating electric grippers, Freely Programmable Electric Grippers etc.
As regards to Hollow rotary tables, there are large aperture hollow rotary tables, heavy duty hollow rotary tables, Right Angle Hollow Indexing Table, reinforced hollow rotary tables.

And then, now let’s get down to this linear electric cylinders.
Thrust : 4.5-6KN
lead 5mm, stroke 100mm, with 2 magnetic switches PNP type.
1000kg pressure sensor
Step motor and drive

Electric cylinder is a modular product with integrated design of servo motor and lead screw. it can convert rotary motion of the motor into linear motion, and at the same time convert the best advantages of the servo motor, accurate rotating speed control, accurate rotating number control, accurate torque control into – accurate speed control, accurate position control, accurate force control, this can achieve high-precision linear motion. Linear electric cylinder integrates servo motor, servo driver, high-precision ball screw or planetary ball screw in module design and other technologies in compact structure.

Finally, Let’s me introduce the application of Linear Electric Cylinders:

  1. Entertainment industry: robot arms and joints, dynamic seats
  2. Military industry: simulation aircraft, Analog simulation
  3. Automobile industry: press mounting machine, testing instrument
    4.General Industry: food machinery, ceramic machinery, welding machinery, lifting platform

For further technical information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or visit our website www.tallman-robotics.com.