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Linear electric motors for clients from Germany are under test

Linear electric motor is a type of electric motor that converts electrical energy into linear motion. It’s similar to a traditional rotary motor, but instead of producing a rotational motion, it generates linear movement.

Linear electric motors

Linear electric motors are commonly used in various industrial applications where precise and controlled linear motion is required. They offer several advantages over conventional mechanical systems, such as higher accuracy, faster response times, and increased reliability due to their simple design and absence of mechanical transmission elements like gears, belts, or screws.

The basic construction of a linear servo motor consists of a stator and a mover. The stator contains a series of coils that are energized with electric current, creating a magnetic field. The mover, typically a permanent magnet or a set of magnets, is attracted or repelled by the magnetic field, resulting in linear motion along a track or guide.

The movement of the mover is controlled by a feedback mechanism, usually involving position sensors such as encoders or linear scales. These sensors provide precise information about the position and speed of the mover, allowing for accurate control and positioning.

Linear electric motors find applications in various industries, including robotics, CNC machining, packaging, semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices, etc. They are used in systems requiring precise linear motion, such as linear stages, pick-and-place machines, cutting machines, and inspection systems.

It’s worth noting that Linear electric motors are different from linear actuators, which are typically simpler devices that convert rotational motion into linear motion using mechanisms like lead screws or belts. While, Linear motors offer higher performance and are often preferred in applications where precise control and high-speed operation are critical.

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