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Linear Gantry Robots will be Delivered to Thailand

Linear Gantry Robots from Tallman Robotics Limited are under production and will be delivered to Thailand.

linear gantry robots

Why should linear modules be built and used with multiple axes, or Linear Gantry Robots?

Linear modules are widely used in our production. I believe we should know more about the use of linear modules for uniaxial construction. The action of linear module used for single axis construction is relatively simple, generally single axis is mainly used for linear reciprocating motion , and enterprises that choose to use it only use the linear module to complete a simple operation on a certain station.

Although single axis linear module has been widely used by enterprises, why should we use the multi axis linear module? In fact, the use of multi axis construction is actually a function problem. Like the chopsticks we use in our life, a single one can be used to stir, but two can be used to hold vegetables. Of course, it can also be used to stir, but the effect is much simpler than that when one is used.

As we all know, the emergence of the linear module, an automatic product, is to solve the concept of “machine replacement”. The linear module used in a single axis can do too simple actions, while the linear module used in combination such as linear gantry robots can do all kinds of more complex actions, such as taking and placing materials, handling materials, etc! Because of the multi axis construction and use of the linear module, the linear module also covers all kinds of life industries.

In addition to being able to complete various actions, multi axis use of linear modules including linear gantry robots reduces the cost of labor that many enterprises choose to replace. Before the linear module was used without multiple axes, it has always been the kind of intelligent mechanical equipment with flexible six axis manipulator and small manipulator that can complete various actions.

However, due to the high cost, many small and medium-sized enterprises did not choose it after much consideration. The emergence of multi axis construction and use of linear modules has enabled many small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of “replacing people with machines” and realize “unmanned” factory production.

More applications, higher practicability and better economy are the three reasons why linear modules need to be built and used on multiple axes. This is because there is demand in the market. To purchase products for multi axis construction of linear modules, you can contact Tallman robotics.

Tallman robotics has the most complete products for multi axis construction of linear modules, which can comprehensively meet the needs of “machine replacement” in your enterprise’s production.