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Linear guideways are mechanical components used in the construction of various machines and systems to provide linear motion. They essentially serve as a means of guiding and supporting a moving carriage or platform along a fixed, linear path.

Linear guideways typically consist of two main components: the rail and the carriage. The rail is a long, straight track that is typically bolted or mounted to a fixed surface. The carriage is a sliding platform that moves along the rail, guided by a set of bearings or rollers.

There are several different types and configurations of linear guideways, including:

– Ball-type guideways, which use balls to provide smooth and precise movement.
– Roller-type guideways, which use rollers instead of balls.
– Flat-type guideways, which have a large contact area between the rail and the carriage.
– Miniature linear guideways, which are used in applications that require very precise and small movements.

Linear guideways are commonly used in machine tools, robotics, automation equipment, and other industrial applications where precise linear motion is required. They offer numerous advantages over other types of linear motion components, such as high rigidity, low friction, and the ability to handle large loads.

Linear Guide Rails

Linear guideways Linear guideways Linear guideways


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