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Linear modular actuators are a type of electromechanical device used to convert rotational motion into linear motion. They are called “modular” because they are designed in a modular fashion, allowing for easy customization and integration into various applications.

Key features of linear modules include:

Modular design: The actuator is composed of interchangeable components, such as the motor, gearbox, and linear guide system, which can be easily configured and combined to meet specific application requirements.

Linear motion: The actuator converts the rotational motion of an electric motor into linear, translational motion, allowing for precise positioning and control of a load or mechanism.

Compact size: linear modules are designed to be compact and space-efficient, making them suitable for use in applications with limited available space.

High precision: These actuators are capable of delivering high positioning accuracy and repeatability, often in the range of microns or even nanometers, depending on the specific design and components used.

Versatility: linear modules can be used in a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, robotics, medical equipment, and various types of machinery.

Some common components found in linear modules include:

Electric motor (e.g., stepper motor, servo motor)
Gearbox for speed reduction and torque multiplication
Linear guide system (e.g., ball screw, lead screw, linear slide)
Encoder or position feedback device
Mounting brackets and other structural components
The modular design of these actuators allows for easy customization and integration, making them a popular choice for applications that require precise linear motion control.

Today, here we introduce one of our linear modules for clean environment as follows: 

Fully Closed Linear Modules Linear Modular Actuators Linear Modular Actuators

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