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Linear Actuator is Used on the Manipulator of Automatic Dispensing Machine and Glue Spraying Machine

When Linear Actuator is used on the automatic dispensing manipulator.
The development of automation in all walks of life is inseparable from Actuator. Although linear modules can only do linear motion, because they can be easily built into various structural worktables and move up, down, left, right, back and forth, they can also perfectly outline various text patterns. Automatic dispensing, gluing, painting and other repetitive actions can also be done by the linear actuators, and the effect is quite good. If the accuracy requirement is not very high, the synchronous belt linear module can be used, which is more economical.

Linear module with gantry structure is generally used in the automatic dispensing machine. Whether it is in the garment industry, shoe making or product gift box, whether it is AB glue or silica gel, the linear actuator with this structure can be used to complete the automatic dispensing work. High efficiency, good effect, dispensing speed and dispensing area can be adjusted on the computer, and the function can be said to be very powerful.

It is also very simple to build the gantry structure with the linear actuator of the synchronous belt. It only needs three modules, two horizontal connecting plates, one transmission rod and two motors to drive the three modules at the same time. Users of automatic dispensing machines who want to switch to synchronous belt linear modules may wish to consider Tallman Robotics Limited. We have specialized in synchronous belt linear manipulators for 10 years, with excellent quality and very affordable price.