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Linear Motion Guide Actuators are finished for India Clients

Linear Motion Guide Actuators from Tallman Robotics are finished for Clients from India.

Linear Motion Guide Actuators

Fully automated production aims to improve production efficiency, save repetitive labor and reduce production costs. Limited by technology, the development of fully automated production is full of difficulties, which can be seen from the application of products.

Mechanical tooling handling equipment mostly adopts parallelogram slider, which occupies a large space. Although the operation efficiency is high, the disadvantages are particularly obvious. During operation, the function is single, and multiple products cannot be transported at the same time. The accuracy is poor, difficult to control, time-consuming and laborious. Small space operation is not recommended.

3 Axis Gantry Robot

In order to meet the market demand and liberate the productivity, the variable distance slide module of Linear Motion Guide Actuators came into being. The variable distance slide module is composed of main body fixing plate, driving motor, coupling, driving shaft, linear guide rod, linear bearing, sliding block, micro bearing guide groove, etc. the product design is compact, the width is only 30mm, does not occupy land, and the space application is more reasonable.

The variable distance slide module of Linear Motion Guide Actuators adopts the bidirectional rotation structure of the transmission worm and the reasonable structural design of the detection unit, detection unit and driving unit to realize the free switching of module spacing and the integration of equipment with different spacing. The use range of pitch can reach 8 ~ 90mm.

The variable distance slide module has the advantages of simple structure and convenient assembly, and can shorten the working hours for design and installation. In order to meet the needs of the market to improve productivity, high-end customization can be made to the drawing, the number of sliders can be increased to 9, high-precision variable distance, and stability and controllability can always be maintained during high-speed operation.

Moreover, the appearance of variable distance slide module of linear motion guide rail actuator effectively solves the production discontinuity and other trivial problems caused by different spacing of production equipment. Realize multi station, synchronous variable distance slide, integrated grasping, movement, servo control, accurate positioning, synchronous variable distance or synchronous unequal variable distance positioning of multiple sliders, random point taking operation, which is suitable for operation in small space.

The development of fully automatic industry is the future development trend. Abandoning old equipment, investing in new technology and injecting new energy into production are the core of improving scientific and technological productivity. The key is to ensure the reasonable installation of equipment, orderly production and intelligent production.

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