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Linear Motion Slides are Under Production for Clients from India

Motorized linear motion slides will be transported to clients from India

Among garment enterprises, there is a garment cutting defect rate in garment manufacturing that has always plagued many small and medium-sized enterprises. We know that garment cutting workers make it difficult and require high operation accuracy. When manufacturing complex lines, especially wedding dress and other industries, it will become waste if they are careless, which is a great waste for manufacturers. How can it be more useful to ensure that cutting is more efficient and accurate, Linear Motion Slides can help us deal with such problems.

Why is it that Linear Motion Slides can deal with the problem of garment cutting?


First of all, let’s take a look at the process of garment cutting. What our garment manufacturers pay attention to is the application accuracy and stability function of cutting products. As a high-precision linear motion transmission organization, the linear slide screw module can complete the linear repeated positioning accuracy to 0.01mm, and the ball screw and linear guide rail are used to make the whole run smoothly and have higher stability. Therefore, through the combined application of single axis linear module, With servo motor and driver, it can effectively control high precision and speed, and will make great achievements in garment cutting automatic production line!

In the past, it was difficult to achieve mass production only by using manual clothing cloth cutting, and the problem of precision control was briefly presented. It is also poor in production efficiency. If you want to improve the production speed and reduce the defect rate, it will greatly increase the labor cost. Although the ordinary laser cutting machine can be satisfied, the single cost will be greater, which is not the best choice for the majority of small and medium-sized garment enterprises, and the organization composed of multi axis linear slide can complete the low-cost and high output of the garment production line.

As for the model selection, installation and application of Linear Motion Slides, we can check and select the type and model of linear motion ball bearing slide according to the needs of the project, such as the load of the workpiece, the demand of travel and the requirements of speed. In addition, it is also necessary to cooperate with the servo motor and drive controller with high-precision control.

Motorized linear motion slides have always been an important component to complete the automatic linear motion operation of the workpiece. In practice, it is generally combined in the XYZ multi axis slide. At the moment, the motion drive of Linear Motion Slides is more complex. So how does the electric slide drive the linear motion and what components are needed to cooperate? Let’s take us to know one or two below.

We know that Linear Motion Slides drive the workpiece on the slider through the rolling of the ball screw of linear motion ball bearing slide. Then we must use the servo motor and driver to drive the screw to roll. Generally, we can choose two kinds of motors: servo motor and stepping motor. As for how to choose these two kinds of motors, we can choose according to our own needs. The control accuracy and overload ability of the servo motor are better than those of the stepping motor, Especially when working at low speed, the stepper motor simply shows low-frequency oscillation linearity, while the communication servo motor will not; In terms of control, the control of servo motor is also more stable and reliable.

In the application of industrial automation, the electric slide requires not only excellent rigidity and repetition accuracy, but also its economic function and load capacity, which are a parameter that should be paid special attention to in the design and application. Motion control is also an important item in the application of slide, which can not be ignored. Whether it is used in machine tools, automation equipment and robots, it needs to deal with the problem of driving control system, especially in linear motion, which is directly related to the accuracy and speed of slide positioning.


The motion control part of motorized linear motion slides: driver. We generally choose the communication servo driver, and choose the appropriate power according to the size of the slide. The digital and analog I / O interface of the driver can be used together with a variety of upper computer equipment to support Modbus communication protocol to facilitate networking. The optimized PID control algorithm completes the full digital control of azimuth, speed and torque accuracy; In addition, whether the driver of the slide supports the motor of 2500 line incremental encoder and 17 bit and 20 bit high-precision positive encoder is also something we should consider. It can meet the higher requirements of control and drive.

The working principle of motorized linear motion slides is very simple, and it is not difficult to use it. According to the installation and connection of the servo motor purchased by ourselves, you can use PLC programming control, or use the simple handheld control system for multi-axis motion control. I hope that the above explanation on the slide drive can help us understand more about the working method of the electric slide and better apply it in our own projects