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Linear Motion Systems are finished and will be Delivered to Australia

Linear Motion Systems have been ready for pickup and will be transported to Australia.

Attentions of linear module manufacturers on the application of Linear Motion Systems in automation equipment
Linear module is a commonly used standardized module of automation equipment. Due to many kinds of Linear Motion Systems, in the selection process, if the selection does not promote the performance of the device, it will bring all kinds of problems and projects. Therefore, the selection of linear module of Linear Motion Systems is very important.



Manufacturer of linear module can refer to the following steps for the precautions of linear module in the application of automation equipment:

1.Determine the sliding environment table of the module: it is determined according to the general environment, clean environment and harsh environment.

2.Determine the installation direction of module slide. Confirm that the module slide is installed horizontally, wall design installation or vertical structure installation.

3.The module determines the load handling station.

4.Calculate the velocity and acceleration of the platform.

5.Sliding module allows torque check: horse, MB, MC: static value of torque and state calculation of processing deceleration state (uniform).

6.The accuracy of the module slide shall meet the requirements of the grading system: clarify the accuracy of the repeated positioning system required by the enterprise, walking parallelism requirements, etc.

7.Determine the motor installation style: in the conventional slider installation module and the direct connection type, the motor is installed on the left side, the motor is installed on the right side, and one motor is installed on the bottom side

8.Working mode of module slide travel limit control switch.

9.Determine the motor specification and power of the module slider.

Manufacturer of linear module of Linear Motion System should pay attention to the application of linear module of linear motion drive systems in automation equipment. The performance index of the module can be measured from the following aspects. Accuracy characteristics of sliding module: including repeated positioning accuracy, positioning accuracy, parallel walking, running straightness, clearance, etc. The motion function characteristics of module slide of linear motion drive systems: transportable weight, anti torque control ability, operation development speed, acceleration, operation environment noise, etc.

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