Linear Modules are Finished and will be Delivered to USA

Linear Screw Actuators(ball screw driven linear actuator,lead screw linear actuator) are ready for delivery to Client from USA

With the rapid development of industrial rhythm, manipulator is a kind of multifunctional manipulator derived from linear module. As we all know, the linear module is also called a single axis manipulator which includes Linear Screw Actuators(ball screw driven linear actuator,lead screw linear actuator) and Belt drive actutors. That is that the mechanical equipment composed of more than two manipulators is a multi axis manipulator.

At present, the manipulator is widely used. The main function of the manipulator is that it can well replace the manual to complete some simple and repeated actions and some complex processes. The manipulator is still no inferior. Loading and unloading, material grabbing, material transfer and automatic assembly are all processes that can be completed by the manipulator now.


Advantages of manipulator:

The advantages of the manipulator are mainly reflected in the fact that in the enterprises with large output, even in the face of large output, the manipulator can work 24 hours a day, making the work tempo very short, which can meet the high-efficiency and high-speed production requirements of the factory.

The cost reduction of the enterprise is mainly reflected in the large-scale production. One manipulator can replace 2 to 4 industrial workers, which varies according to the specific situation of the enterprise. The manipulator has no fatigue, can produce continuously 24 hours a day, and the labor cost is reduced


Another advantage of manipulator is that it is easy to implement numerical control and can be used with open-loop or closed-loop numerical control machine tools. It can well control the production rhythm of the overall equipment, and the failure rate is also very low after the implementation of numerical control. In the long-term continuous operation of the factory, a small number of people can manage the numerical control equipment.

Disadvantages of manipulator:

Although the manipulator has many advantages, but anything is not blindly only good, it will also have its shortcomings. The drawback of the manipulator is that its scope of action is small. If it is necessary to build a whole production line to better reflect its advantages when completing a large-scale production and handling environment.

For all kinds of the robots, manipulator has no autonomous ability, and its positioning point remains unchanged, its action is simple, and its operation procedure is fixed. Similarly, the robot also has some disadvantages, such as high economic cost, large space occupation, high maintenance cost, and difficult operation and installation.



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