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Linear Slide Modules are Ready and Will be Delivered to Germany

Linear Slide Modules from Tallman Robotics Limited today are well finished and will be delivered to Germany.

What are the bosic elements when we select linear modules?

Motion sensitivity and positioning accuracy: Positioning accuracy refers to the ability of moving components to stop in the specified direction as required. The motion sensitivity and positioning accuracy are related to the type of guide rail, conflict characteristics, motion speed, transmission stiffness, moving component quality and other factors.

Vibration resistance and stability: stability refers to the function that the linear module does not exhibit self-excited vibration under given operating conditions; The vibration resistance refers to the ability of the mold set pair to withstand forced vibration and impact.
Stiffness of linear slide module: it is particularly important for precision machinery and instruments. The deformation of the linear slide module includes the deformation of the guide rail body, the contact deformation of the guide rail pair, and the ability of the guide rail to resist the stress deformation. The relative deformation between the orientation and the orientation will affect the accuracy of the guide member. Both should be considered.

Motion stability of linear slide module: motion stability of linear module refers to the function that the guide rail does not show crawling phenomenon when moving at low speed or slightly. The stability is related to the structure of the linear guide rail, the matching of the guide rail pair materials, the lubrication condition, the nature of the lubricant and the stiffness of the transmission system of the guide rail movement.
Accuracy persistence: it refers to the ability to maintain the original accuracy during the working process of the linear slide module. The accuracy of the linear slide module mainly depends on the wear resistance and dimensional stability of the guide rail. The wear resistance is related to the data matching, stress, machining accuracy, lubrication mode and the function of the protective device of the guide rail pair. The residual stress in the guide rail and its support will also affect the accuracy and persistence of the guide rail.

There are many specifications of linear slide (linear module, slide) products, which many enterprises will encounter when purchasing slide. The selection conditions are vague and unclear, resulting in the mismatch of specifications and models of purchased parts and unable to meet the actual use conditions; The products produced by the enterprise have defects, which make them unusable. As an important fine machine tool component, the linear slide needs correct operation in the process of ordinary use to prevent some abnormal wear and ensure the speed, accuracy and service life of the linear slide. If daily maintenance can be done well, the sliding table can adhere to its outstanding functional state for a long time, prolong its service life and find and eliminate hidden troubles in time. Especially when the linear slide is not used for a long time, pay more attention to the usual maintenance.

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