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Linear Slide Systems are Finished for France Clients

Linear slide systems from Tallman Robotics will be ready for delivery to France.

How much do you you know about Thrust detection of Linear slide systems?
Linear module is a transmission device that directly converts electric energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. The output of linear motor is mainly thrust. Due to the theory, design, manufacture, load and interference of linear motor, the thrust of linear motor will fluctuate, so it is necessary to test the linear modules. But many people may not know how to detect.

The thrust detection of linear modules can reflect the smooth operation of linear module, which is the key index parameter of linear motor detection.

The commonly used thrust fluctuation test system uses the resistance plate driven by ball screw and linear motor and coaxial resistance to test thrust fluctuation. The rotating motor is connected with the linear motor through the ball screw method, so that the interference of the mechanical connection mechanism inevitably enters the fluctuation of the detection results, resulting in a considerable deviation from the expected detection results.

In recent years, a new wave measurement scheme has emerged, that is, two linear motors of the same type are used to load each other on the same guide rail. By processing the thrust signal collected under appropriate conditions, the thrust characteristics of the measured linear modules can be obtained.

It uses the loads of two linear motors, including linear motor test and linear motor, and its electrical and mechanical properties are the same. In this way, the torque fluctuation of rotating motor can be avoided. During operation, a simple connecting device is introduced and used to replace the ball screw, which solves the uncertainty and interference of the mechanical connecting part to a great extent and improves the transmission efficiency. By using appropriate control and detection methods, the superimposed waves of the two motors are in the same phase, and then the thrust wave of the tested motor is obtained.

The mechanical equipment of the linear slide systems can display the linear fitness movement machinery and equipment, can also be used for the vertical column type, and can also form a specific fitness movement organization, such as the composition of the cross slide. The two groups are according to the type of the x-axis and Y-axis of the cross. The principle is to fix another group of sliding blocks on one group of guide rails. That is, fix the x-axis on the y-axis, and take the guide rail slider of the x-axis as the fitness target. It can operate the y-direction fitness movement of the guide rail slider through the y-axis, and operate the x-direction fitness movement of the guide rail slider through the x-axis, which is generally driven by motor.