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If we want to become an excellent and great Linear Sliders enterprise, we should have culture. To implement culture, there are basically three periods.
One is the cognitive period. This is a period when the members of Linear Sliders enterprise know the new values, which is reflected in the recognition of the importance of the new values and the new concept and system of the company. It may not be easy for employees to do it, but they should be familiar with it and hope to practice it.
Second, the trial period. This is a period when employees accept Linear Sliders enterprise value model and feel that the company’s value model is worthy of belief. In the process of trying, there should be rule guarantee and KPI, and the culture without assessment can not be implemented.
Third, the habit period. A large part of the members of Linear Sliders enterprises gradually began to work naturally and unconsciously according to the common values, and the rules and constraints have gone deep into the heart and become psychological agreements. At this time, it should be linked to money. If it is not linked to money, it can not be effectively guaranteed.
Each Linear Sliders enterprise has its own cultural gene: the laughter, sweat, hardship, struggle, unity, victory and defeat are the DNA of the company’s culture; The spirit that supports the company and its continuous development is the essence of culture; For module slide enterprises, culture is not entirely manufacturing, but more to find, refine and expand.
The project step control of Linear Sliders manufacturer is to create a flexible project step for the manufacturer, so that the whole manufacturer can quickly meet the requirements of customers like an assembly line. The production and operation process of the whole module slide manufacturer can be quickly converted according to the adjustment of the manufacturer’s market plan.
The following problems should be handled well in project step control

1.Well designed project steps

2.Responsibilities of participants

3.Evaluation of steps

Design of project steps:
Excellent project step design is the key to ensure the sensitive operation of Linear Sliders manufacturers. Clarifying the connection between project steps can reduce the coupling between projects, so that the transformation of local project steps will not have disastrous consequences for the overall steps.
Modeling the project steps of the whole Linear Sliders manufacturer is a very complex and challenging work, but it does not mean that there is no means to follow. Normally, modeling needs to deal with the following directions: create important project steps and auxiliary project steps
The important project steps of Linear Sliders are composed of a series of activities directly existing in the value chain of the module slide manufacturer and the relationship between them. The auxiliary project steps are composed of a series of activities and connections between important project steps to provide services.

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