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How to adjust the preload of ball screw nut.
Ball screw nut pair is a high-precision transmission device. It uses rolling friction screw instead of sliding friction screw, which has the advantages of small wear, high transmission efficiency, stable transmission, long service life, high accuracy and low temperature rise. Select high-quality screw to identify titanium Hao. Because the ball screw nut pair has the outstanding advantages of small motion friction and easy to eliminate transmission clearance, it brings great benefits to the performance improvement of electromechanical integration system. Pre tightening is to prevent the ball from slipping. The self-locking property of the ball screw nut pair is poor, which can be said to be absent. It is easy to fall off without pre tightening.

There are four common methods for ball screw preloading:

  1. Double nut gasket type pre tightening
    The mechanism of this method is simple and reliable. Good rigidity and most widely used. The form of adding gasket between the double nuts can be adjusted in advance by a professional manufacturer according to the user’s requirements. It is very convenient to unload when using.
  2. Double nut threaded pre tightening
    Use the external thread on one nut to adjust the relative axial position of the two nuts through the round nut to achieve pre tightening.
  3. Double nut tooth difference pre tightening
    On the flanges of the two nuts, cut out the gears with a tooth number difference of 1. The two gears mesh with the corresponding internal gear rings at both ends. The internal gear rings are fastened on the nut seat with screws. By rotating one of the nuts, the mutual positions of the two nuts are changed to adjust the clearance and apply the preload.
  4. Single nut variable lead self preloading
    The internal thread raceway of the nut will produce a lead sudden change on the middle circle, so that the balls at the left and right ends will be axially displaced after assembly to realize pre tightening.
    The purpose of eliminating the axial clearance of the ball screw nut pair is to increase the preload and reduce the empty stroke in the reverse direction, so that there is no reverse dead zone, and improve the transmission rigidity and transmission accuracy.
    Not all ball screws(in Linear Translation Stages) are pre tightened, mainly according to the accuracy requirements. Generally, the pre tightening accuracy is high and the load capacity is large. The pre tightening is graded. The selection is based on the use requirements. You can check the samples of different brands for details.



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