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Linear Way Modules are Transported to Germany

Linear Way Modules from Tallman Robotics have been picked up and on the way to Germany.

Benefits of dust cover to linear actuators:

In linear actuators, the dust cover is a point that many people will ignore. Linear module with dust cover is mainly used in the environment with relatively more dust, and the module without dust cover is used in the dust-free space. Therefore, the dust cover is still very important for linear actuators.

The dust cover has many functions in addition to dust prevention, and the quality of materials will still bring a lot of benefits to the module, As an important part of linear actuators, linear guide rail has many characteristics:
It is concluded that the dust cover of linear actuators has the following 7 characteristics:

1.The dust cover of linear actuators uses special materials, which are resistant to coolant, oil, grinding wheel foam and iron Shaw, etc;

2.The linear actuators organ type protective cover has long stroke and small compression, and the length ratio is 1:10;

3.Linear module is the most advanced form of folding shield, which can make up for the problems that can not be solved by various shields. This kind of shield occupies a leading position in the world.

4.This kind of shield of actuators has the characteristics of not afraid of stepping on feet, no deformation due to impact of hard objects, long service life, good sealing and light operation;

5.The linear module shield has the advantages of long stroke and small compression;

6.The bellows speed of linear actuators shield can reach 200m / min;

7.There are no metal parts in the shield. There is no need to worry that the parts will be loose and cause serious damage to the machine when the shield works.

Reasonable use of the seven characteristics of linear module protective cover equipment can greatly improve the service life! The noise of each shield is very low, so it can not be pulled completely. The selection of high-quality protective cover can increase the service life. The above is the linear module knowledge shared by the linear module manufacturer for you. I hope it can help you.