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Long Stroke Electric Grippers are Delivered to Germany For New Application

Long Stroke Electric Grippers samples will be transported to Eschweiler, Germany for new application.

Characteristics of Long Stroke Electric Grippers:

Long stroke
Industrial large stroke clamping claw, with a total stroke of 90 mm, combined with fingertips, can stably grasp medium and large objects and adapt to more industrial scenes.
High degree of protection
The protection grade reaches IP40, which can deal with complex working conditions
Heavy load
The maximum gripping force on one side is 100 n, meeting more diverse gripping needs.

Long Stroke Electric Grippers from Tallman Robotics have More features as follows:
Integrated integration
Adjustable parameters
Power off self-locking
Fingertips replaceable
Intelligent feedback

The formed guide rail can ensure long torque, which is suitable for using Long Stroke Electric Grippers;

The extremely flat design can reduce the interference profile as much as possible; Adaptive drive motor can be realized in the control concept of many methods;

The position and torque controlled movement of Long Stroke Electric Grippers can grasp various geometric component types very flexibly; Radial motor and parallel components can be flexibly applied to gantry or robot; Safety sto and SLS can achieve flexible motor and controller selection by using appropriate drive motors and controllers, and electrical control is carried out by using adaptive servo drivers of general standard controllers (such as Bosch or Siemens).

It is easy to integrate, and can be installed into the control system by installing Electric Grippers; The same control, like the common servo axis, the fixture can also be directly controlled and interpolated with the existing axis.