Long Stroke Linear Module Will Be Delivered To France

Long Stroke Linear Module has been finished for a client from France.

Long Stroke Linear Module is also named as Industrial Linear Actuators,Long-stroke actuator,Long Track Actuator,Long Stroke Linear Axis,Long Stroke Electric Linear Actuators,Linear Motion Actuators,Linear Modules and Actuators

What are the functions of electric slide?

As an active transmission part, electric slide is generally called linear module or slide module. In many mechanical active equipment, why is electric slide widely used in the field of fine motion control, what role it plays and what occupation it is used in? Today I’ll introduce you.

First of all, we should know that the motion of electric slide is used to support and guide the moving parts to make reciprocating linear motion in a given direction, and the positioning accuracy is often much higher than that of ordinary equipment. Therefore, electric slide here generally refers to the module group driven by ball screw. Under this structure, the moving element and fixed element of the linear guide rail do not need the central medium, but use the rolling steel ball, This structure has many advantages, such as low friction, low maintenance workload and high production power.

Electric sliding table is an active upgrading unit composed of sliding block, ball screw or other transmission organization, guide rail, aluminum profile base and various organization components. Through the combination of each unit, it can complete the reciprocating high-precision linear curve movement of load, and its accuracy and load can also be guaranteed. This equipment can completely replace the cylinder and hydraulic cylinder to achieve the same working effect, so as to complete remote control, centralized control or active control.

To know the function of electric slide, we must understand these advantages:
High positioning accuracy: the repeated positioning accuracy of linear motion is up to (after correction of linear error): ± 0.01mm.
High load and multi stroke: in the case of high-precision positioning movement, it can meet the requirements of high load and long stroke. Using high-quality aluminum profile as the base, together with imported quality ball screw and linear guide rail, it has large load and good stability. TM series can achieve a stroke of more than 2 meters with a load of 200kg, and two double sliding blocks can be selected for higher load.
Single axis / multi axis sensitive scheme design: the linear slide can use module design to sensitively establish multi axis combination, with a variety of solutions.

Electric slide is widely used. We generally use it in CNC machine tools, fine measurement, laser processing, transfer packaging test, automatic assembly line detection and other equipment fields. In recent years, more and more high-end occupations, such as high-end medical treatment and lithium battery laser, have begun to use it in a large number. It can be seen that the electric slide has the advantages in the automatic application scheme. However, the progress of this production power depends on the coordination and better cooperation among the control system, motor and azimuth encoder. Therefore, when using electric slide for the initiative project, we must consider the setting of the control system and program.

Linear slide is used to complete the linear feed movement of the workpiece. The device method is sensitive, and can be used horizontally or vertically. It can be used in single axis or multi axis combination. Different workpieces can complete various active missions, such as active transfer, detection and so on. Generally, the laser marking machine, laser cutting machine and other machine tools we know are inseparable from it. As an important sensor accessory of linear slide, we generally call it travel switch, also known as photoelectric switch. Let’s take you to know in detail what the travel switch of linear slide is used for.

The travel switch of linear slide is also known as the azimuth switch or limit switch. It is generally advocated that customers should be equipped with three induction switches, one starting point switch and two limit switches. The function of the limit switch is to stop when the linear module moves to the limit switch, but enough safety distance should be reserved according to the size of the speed to make the linear slide stop safely.

As for the application of photoelectric switch, we should pay attention to the unstable voltage of photoelectric switch, which will lead to overvoltage damage, so we can’t share the power supply with motor driver or other rational load. Otherwise, the reverse electromotive force generated by motor or overload load will greatly shake the voltage, and then burn out the photoelectric switch.

Linear slide travel switch in operation

One of the functions of travel switch is orientation constraint: generally, it can convert mechanical displacement into electrical signal to change the operation condition of motor, that is, actively park, reverse, change speed or cycle according to a certain stroke, and then operate the mechanical movement or complete safety maintenance. The other is the limit constraint.

Generally, the device and linear sliding table have two extreme directions. When the detection piece detects the specified direction, it will actively slow down and park, so as to prevent problems caused by the reciprocating motion of the sliding seat and the workpiece hitting both ends.



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