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Long Stroke Parallel Grippers Are Ready for Delivery to Russia

Long Stroke Parallel Grippers from Tallman Robotics Limited Are Ready for Delivery to Russia. 

Long stroke parallel grippers are a type of robotic gripper that can open and close in parallel motion to securely grip objects. They have longer stroke lengths than other types of parallel grippers, which means they can open wider and grip larger objects. They are often used in pick-and-place applications in manufacturing, assembly, and packaging processes. Additionally, they can provide precise and consistent grip force, which makes them useful in applications that require accurate positioning or delicate handling of objects.

Long stroke parallel grippers, also known as long stroke grippers, are pneumatic or hydraulic devices that are used to grip and hold various objects or components. These grippers have jaws that move in parallel to grab the object, ensuring a secure and precise hold. The long stroke feature is designed to allow for gripper jaws to open and close over larger distances, often up to several inches, providing increased flexibility and versatility in a wide range of applications. Long stroke parallel grippers are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, packaging, and assembly.

Long Stroke Parallel Grippers are a type of robotic gripper that have a long linear stroke, allowing them to grasp objects that are deeper or wider than other types of grippers. They are designed with parallel jaws that move together to grip the object from both sides. These grippers are commonly used in manufacturing and assembly applications, such as pick-and-place operations, where they are used to pick up and manipulate parts and components. The long stroke feature of the grippers helps to improve the efficiency of the automation process by reducing the need for frequent gripper adjustments.

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