Long-Stroke Servo-Electric Grippers are ready for Delivery to Clients

Long-Stroke Electric Grippers from Tallman Robotics Limited are packed well for delivery to customer.

Long-stroke electric grippers are devices that offer extended reach and grabbing capabilities. They are designed to handle objects over a relatively long distance, making them suitable for applications where access to distant or hard-to-reach areas is necessary.

Long-stroke electric grippers typically consist of an actuator, such as an electric motor, and a gripping mechanism. The actuator provides the power to open and close the gripper, allowing it to grasp and release objects. The gripping mechanism can vary depending on the specific application and the type of objects being handled.

One of the key features of long-stroke electric grippers is their extended stroke length. This enables them to reach and manipulate objects that are located far away from the gripper’s base. The longer stroke allows for greater flexibility and versatility in handling a wide range of objects and tasks.

Long-stroke electric grippers can be used in various industries and applications. They are commonly found in robotics, automation, material handling, and assembly processes. They can be employed to pick and place objects, handle components in manufacturing lines, or grip and manipulate items in confined or remote spaces.

The use of Long-stroke electric grippers offers advantages such as precise control, fast response times, and the ability to integrate with automated systems. The electric motor can be precisely controlled to ensure smooth and accurate gripper movement, enabling efficient and reliable object handling.

Furthermore, long-stroke electric grippers can be designed with customizable griping surfaces or features to accommodate different shapes and sizes of objects. This allows for a secure and stable grasp, ensuring that the objects are held firmly during handling.

In summary, long-stroke electric grippers provide the extended reach and grabbing capabilities needed in applications where traditional grippers may not be sufficient. They offer precise control, efficiency, and the ability to handle objects in challenging or remote locations, enhancing the flexibility and productivity of automated systems.

Length of Long-Stroke Electric Grippers suitable for clamping large workpieces.

Long stroke and high rigidity.
High clamping force can be adjusted according to the workpiece demand.
Standard built-in or external drive controller
Long stroke gripper is a special kind of gripper, and its arm is also relatively long, which can grasp objects. When the robot works at a fixed point, Long Stroke Electric Grippers can effectively extend the working range with its long arm.

Detailed parameters:

Description item

TM-CGBD-ITG- series Technical  Parameters                                         

Size number






Stroke (mm)



Maximum clamping force (n)



Force repeatability


Repeatability (mm)


control mode


Modbus RTU/CANopen


IO control

PID interface

Input 2 points (NPN), output 3 points (NPN, load 3.5ma)

Rated voltage (V)


Rated current (a)



Mass (kg)



Recommended environment

0 ~ 40 ℃, below 85% RH (without condensation)                                  

Degree of protection


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