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TM-MPLA  Micro Platform Actuator(Micro Platform Module) from Tallman Robotics adopts platform structure, which integrates stepping motor and high-precision ball guide rail. With TM-C and TM-CEP controllers, it has built-in 10 + functions such as adaptive pushing, pushing confirmation, workpiece measurement and area output, and supports secondary development SDK. With high cost performance, sufficient supply, small volume and space saving, it is suitable for 3C electronics, automobile assembly, biomedicine, semiconductor, new energy, photovoltaic, lithium battery, new retail, aerospace technology and other fields.

Small size, high precision, high load, high speed and stable operation

Micro Platform Actuator

Detailed Parameters:

Description item

TM-MPLA  Technical Parameter 

Screw type

Rolling screw rod

Grinding screw rod

Size number


Lead (mm)


2 1


Stroke (mm)

10-30 (10 per interval)

Maximum speed (mm / s)


100 50


Maximum load mass (kg) Horizontal


6.8 7.8




2.9 4.9


Repeatability (mm) front end






Static allowable load torque (N.m)


Applicable controller


Rated voltage (V)


Rated current (a)


Cable length (m)

3 / 5 / 10 (optional)

Recommended environment

0 ~ 40 ℃, below 85% RH (without condensation)

Degree of protection


Micro Platform Actuator/Micro Platform Module features:

  • High load (horizontal load up to 7.8kg)
  • High speed and stable operation (maximum speed 50mm / s)
  • High precision (maximum repeatability of front end ± 0.005mm)
  • High rigidity
  • Long service life, comparable to foreign brands
  • Miniature size (only half the size of the palm)

Micro Platform Actuator/Micro Platform Module advantages:

  • Various models with different parameters are available
  • It can perfectly replace the platform cylinder
  • Realize the closed loop of speed, position and torque
  • It supports three control modes: I / O, pulse and bus
  • Bus control supports a variety of industrial network standards

Micro Platform Actuator/Micro Platform Module Application scenario:

TM-MPLA  Micro Platform Actuator is widely used in (but not limited to) the following industries and processes because of its compact size, which greatly reduces the occupied space of the equipment and effectively improves the production efficiency.

  • 3C Electronics: electronic component transmission, glass substrate positioning and fixing, electronic component assembly
  • Industrial manufacturing: coating of workpiece adhesive and gate cutting of resin forming parts
  • Automobile assembly: automobile interior parts assembly, automobile safety sensor detection, automobile mechanical parts transfer
  • Cosmetics and food production: burr cleaning of resin molded products, processing, food transportation and transportation of boxed cosmetics.

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