Miniature Actuators are Finished for American Client.

Miniature Actuators from Tallman Robotics Limited are ready for delivery to client from America. Miniature Actuators are also known as miniature linear actuator,miniature servo linear actuator, miniature ball screw linear actuator.You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects.

How to produce and install high-quality single shaft module (miniature servo linear actuator,miniature ball screw linear actuator)(production process diagram)
As we all know, the production process directly affects the product quality. As a single axis robot manufacturer with advanced production technology, TM inherits the spirit of craftsman, continues to pursue the concept of excellence, and takes technology leadership as the goal to build a single axis robot production chain system.
Screw rod
The screw roller adopts a Japanese imported remanufacturing machine, which is highly rigid, high-precision, M-axis servo oil pressure control, and the product has good stability
The five axis Mazak turning and milling compound machining center is used for the turning and milling compound machining of nuts, and all the excircles, flanges, inner holes and grooves of nuts are machined in one clamping to reduce the cumulative error of multiple clamping.
The CNC processing raw material of coupling adopts high-quality diaphragm material to ensure the concentricity of assembly.
Guide rail
Guide rail grinding fine grinding to ensure the flatness of the grinding guide rail.
Material inspection
Inspection of incoming parts uses altimeter, two-dimensional image measuring instrument and three-dimensional coordinate detector to detect curved surfaces, special-shaped and other complex parts.
Module assembly
Complete manufacturing process benchmark for screw nut assembly, preloading commissioning, guide rail slide installation, reasonable assembly line construction, clear Station Division, and reasonable personnel allocation.
Final inspection and test
Aging and current test: carry out 2H aging test on the assembled single shaft and current test to ensure that the operation assembly is in a reasonable range.
Accuracy and noise test each uniaxial module will carry out 200 sets of data for accuracy test to ensure the repetition accuracy of ± 0.01mm, and carry out noise test.



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