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Modular linear actuator from Tallman Robotics Limited is one item name by Linear modules, or Linear Actuators. In our system, there is TMTH5-100W for your applications. This TMTH5 series by 100W,200W, 400W Delta servo motor works up to payload by 30kgs. 

In the industrial automation equipment, Modular  linear actuator not only realizes accurate linear movement, but also simplifies the structure of the equipment. Therefore, modular linear drive unit is widely used in various automatic equipment and favored by majority of design engineers. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects.

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Modular linear actuator

Modular linear actuators are a type of motion control device that is used to convert rotary motion into linear motion. They are often used in industrial automation, robotics, and other applications that require precise and reliable motion control. These actuators are composed of several components, including a motor, a gearbox, and a linear guide. The motor is used to provide the power to move the actuator, while the gearbox is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque of the motor. The linear guide provides the linear motion, which is then used to move the actuator.

Modular linear actuators are designed to be highly customizable, allowing users to choose the components that best suit their application. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of speed, torque, and precision. Additionally, modular linear actuators are typically more cost-effective than traditional actuators, as they can be assembled from components that are readily available in the market.

Overall, modular linear actuators are an ideal choice for applications that require precise and reliable motion control. They are highly customizable, cost-effective, and easy to assemble, making them a popular choice for many different industries. With the right components, these actuators can provide reliable and accurate motion control for a variety of applications.