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A motorized gimbal stage is a type of positioning device used in automation, robotics, and other industrial machinery. It is able to rotate, tilt, and move in different directions depending on the motorized gimbal’s design and configuration. It helps to provide precise and accurate positioning of parts and components.

Two Axes Spherical Rotary Stages are used for applications that require precise angular positioning. They have a range of motion of up to 360° in both the X and Y axes, which allows for a wide range of applications. They are also able to position and rotate specimens in three dimensions, providing a great deal of versatility.

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PhotoMotorized Gimbal Stage

Motorized Gimbal Stage

Motorized Gimbal Stage

Features and introduction of motorized gimbal stage:
1. The standard model adopts worm gear, with large reduction ratio, good mechanical self-locking, comfortable movement, and can rotate freely in forward and reverse directions;
2. Two-phase stepping motor is equipped as standard. If higher speed or accuracy is required, closed-loop stepping motor or servo motor drive can be selected;
3. The three rotating shafts are equipped with stepper motor interface as standard, and the motion controller developed by our company is selected to realize automatic control;
4. Small size, light weight, can be quickly carried and installed by hand;
5. XYZ three rotating shafts can be arbitrarily selected and combined according to the use requirements;
6. The limit function can be added, the initial zero position can be added, the servo motor can be replaced, and the rotary encoder can be added;
7. The scale circle on the periphery of the table top is a laser marking scale, which can rotate relative to the table top to facilitate initial positioning and reading;
8. The worm gear and worm structure with precision grinding is used, which is comfortable in movement, can rotate in any direction and in reverse direction, and has very little backlash;
9. The special structural design ensures the extremely low end jump and eccentricity of the rotary table, making the rotary motion more stable;
10. The central through-hole of the turntable and the rotation center have strict coaxiality requirements, and the central aperture of the turntable has strict tolerance limits, which is convenient for customers to make precise positioning.

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