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Motorized Goniometer Stages: A motorized goniometer stage is a type of rotary stage used to accurately position an object at a fixed angle. It is typically used for alignment in optical systems or for positioning samples for imaging or analysis. It consists of a motorized base on which a mount is attached to which various components can be attached. It can be used to rotate an object in any direction, allowing for precise control over the orientation of the object. 

Part NumberTM-H70-70TM-H70-96TM-2H70-96(2 axis)
PhotoMotorized Goniometer Stages

Motorized Goniometer Stages

Motorized Goniometer Stages

Features of Motorized Goniometer Stages:
1: Adopt wear-resistant arc ball guide rail, special process treatment, high wear resistance, high precision and reliability;
2. Finish machining worm gear and worm drive with large driving force and smooth movement;
3: The table top is adjusted in pitch around the curve of the same horizontal plane, with a large tilt angle; Positive and negative 45 °
4: The scale circle on the periphery of the table top is a laser marking scale, which can rotate relative to the table top to facilitate initial positioning and reading;
5: It can be used horizontally or vertically, and can form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table with other tables;
6: With limit function and initial zero position function;
7: The servo motor and encoder can be replaced to accept the product transformation and customization;
8: The company’s independently developed controller can be selected to realize automatic control;
9: The electric angle position table is designed in pairs, can be stacked, can be used separately, and the two rotation radii are carefully designed, and can be rotated around a total of two orthogonal points after stacking;
10: Standard stepper motor and RS232 interface, link motion controller to realize automatic control.

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