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Motorized Lifting Stages are used for precise positioning or movement of heavy or light loads. They are typically used for industrial lifting applications and provide the highest level of accuracy, precision and repeatability. The stages are designed to automatically move up and down, allowing for precise and controlled motion. This type of lifting system can provide great flexibility, allowing for multiple lifting and positioning points.

Part Number

TM-Z-6T TM-Z-8T TM-Z-10 TM-Z-12 TM-Z-12-2


Motorized Lifting Stages Motorized Lifting Stages

Part Number

TM-Z-20 TM-Z-40 TM-Z-50T TM-Z-100T



Motorized Lifting Stages

Motorized Lifting Stages

High Precision Motorized Lifting Stages (cross roller):
The standard stepper motor can be equipped with the motion controller developed by the company. After communicating with the computer through USB to RS485 interface, it can be automatically controlled;
The product structure is small and light, suitable for use with light load, low speed and scientific test;
High quality precision grinding lead screw drive, small lead, high resolution with the same fineness;
The ingenious structure design of the anti-void nut can reduce the clearance of the grinding lead screw pair to a small size;
The guide rail adopts cross roller guide rail, which has the function of lateral adjustment of guide rail preload and clearance elimination, and can be used in multi-dimensional combination;
The reasonable fixed way of the guide rail reduces the pitch and deflection of the electric moving table, and greatly improves the straightness and parallelism of the movement;
The stepping motor and grinding screw rod are connected by high-quality elastic coupling, which has good anti-bias performance and reduces eccentric disturbance;
Both ends are equipped with zero and limit switches to facilitate accurate positioning and protection of products, and equipped with hand wheels to facilitate commissioning;
The base is provided with threaded holes and through-holes with standard hole spacing to facilitate installation and fixation;
The servo motor and grating ruler can be replaced, and the products can be modified and customized.

Features and introduction of High Precision Motorized Lifting Stages (square):
1. The lifting platform adopts square lifting support and double-guide five-axis over-positioning mechanism to ensure smooth movement, large bearing capacity and long service life;
2. It is driven by precision grinding and matching screw rod, which is comfortable in movement, can be lifted and lowered at will, and the air return is very small;
3. The stepper motor is connected by imported high-quality elastic coupling, with synchronous transmission and good anti-bias performance, which greatly reduces eccentric disturbance and low noise;
4. The ingenious structure design of the anti-void nut can reduce the clearance of the grinding lead screw pair to a small size;
5. With limit function and initial zero position function;
6. The servo motor and encoder can be replaced to accept the product transformation and customization;
7. Standard stepper motor and nine-pin interface can be equipped with the company’s self-developed controller to realize automatic control;
8. Stepping motor drive is adopted to realize automatic adjustment and control of lifting displacement;
9. High-precision ball screw or precision grinding screw drive, with power-off self-locking function;
10. Wedge-shaped lifting structure, precise cross ball guide rail, motor horizontally placed, small outer center, and stable operation;
11. The electric lifting table can be used horizontally, and can form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table with other types of tables.

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