Motorized Linear Actuators have been Finished for Indian Clients

Motorized Linear Actuators(stepper motor linear actuator,servo motor linear actuator) from Tallman Robotics are completed and ready for delivery to India.

Application characteristics of different types of Motorized Linear Actuators or servo motor linear actuator:

With the development of industrial automation, more and more integrated accessories appear in the mechanical aspect. Linear module slide is one embodiment. The modular design idea is more and more widely used in the automatic production scheme. As an important module in the linear motion mechanism, the commonly used modules can be divided into three categories from the perspective of transmission. The following introduces the application characteristics of each category from the perspective of transmission mode.

At present, there are three common transmission modes in the market: ball screw, synchronous belt and gear rack. Among them, ball screw transmission is the most widely used, because Motorized Linear Actuators of this transmission mode have higher positioning accuracy and stable durability. Moreover, with the change of material price in recent years, the price has been relatively reduced, and the manufacturer’s requirements for mini stepper motor linear actuator are becoming higher and higher.

1、 Rack and pinion Motorized Linear Actuators
This type of transmission structure is characterized by carrying large load and long stroke. It has high cost performance and medium repetition accuracy. For the user, the installation is relatively inconvenient, because the power parts need to be installed on the slide.

2、 Synchronous belt Motorized Linear Actuators
This type of slide has simple structure and is suitable for low precision long-distance movement and horizontal use. High cost performance and high repetition accuracy. Due to long-term use, the synchronous belt will have different degrees of unrecoverable deformation.

3、 Ball screw Motorized Linear Actuators

It has high repetition precision, high straightness, good stability and durability, and is suitable for the linear movement of medium load. Of course, in heavy load, such as horizontal transmission of about 200 kg. More needs can be customized non-standard, which makes the ball screw transmission mode widely used in electric sliding table. Cost performance is relatively high in the three categories.

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