Motorized Linear Translation Stages Finished for Clients from India

Motorized Linear Translation Stages have been ready for delivery to Clients from India. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects.

Motorized Linear Translation Stages

What is the design principle of Motorized Linear Translation Stage?
In order to obtain high accuracy in the processing of ball screw, the following points should be considered in the process:
(1) The outer circle and rib can be processed repeatedly, and the cutting amount can be reduced slowly, so as to slowly reduce the cutting force and internal stress, reduce the machining deviation, and improve the machining accuracy.
(2) After each rough machining of the excircle and rib, the aging treatment should be stopped in order to eliminate the internal stress. The higher the precision request of the lead screw, the more times of aging treatment.
(3) After each aging treatment, the intermediate hole shall be drilled or polished again to repair the deformation during aging treatment; And remove the oxide skin, so that the processing has a reliable and accurate positioning base.
(4) Before each rib processing, first add the outer circle of the two l lead screws (the cutting amount is very small), and then use the outer circle of the lead screws and the middle holes at both ends as the positioning base surface to process the threads, so as to slowly improve the rib processing accuracy.
The straightening and heat treatment process in the ball screw processing process is the crux process to ensure the accuracy of the screw and avoid twists and turns. However, internal stress will occur when straightening itself, which is bad for the lead screw with high accuracy requirements. Because the internal stress tends to dissipate gradually, the dissipation of internal stress will cause the deformation of the lead screw, which affects the adherence to the accuracy of the lead screw. For the detailed lead screw with high precision requirements and large diameter of ball screw, it is not relatively straight in the processing process, but adopts the method of increasing the total radial allowance and the allowance between processes, cutting off the twists and turns one by one, and handling the deformation results through repeated aging treatment and finer methods of separating the processes. In order to avoid the zigzag deformation caused by the self weight of the lead screw, the deposit should be placed vertically, and the heat treatment should be stopped in the well furnace. The rib of the normally unhardened lead screw is turned, and the rib of the hardened lead screw is ground on the rib grinder. However, for rough machining of tooth half angle and large pitch, lead screw and rib, it is better to turn before hardening.



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