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Motorized triaxial stages are motion devices used for precise, three-dimensional positioning of an object in applications such as precision positioning of optics, laser alignment, optics assembly, microscopy, and scanning. They are made up of three linear axes of motion, with each axis controlled by a stepper motor that is connected to a lead screw. The stepper motors enable the stages to move in precise increments and can be used to control speed and acceleration.

Part Number

TM-YR60-10 TM-YR80-20 TM-YR100-30 TM-YR120-50
Photo Motorized triaxial stages Motorized triaxial stages

Motorized triaxial stages

Motorized triaxial stagesMotorized triaxial stages characteristics:
※ Standard stepper motor, which can be automatically controlled by the company’s motion controller
※ The product structure is small and light, suitable for use under light load and low speed, and in scientific experiments
※ High quality precision grinding lead screw drive, small lead, high resolution with the same fineness
※ The ingenious structure design of the anti-void nut can reduce the clearance of the grinding lead screw pair to z
※ Precision square guide rail, comfortable in movement, has the function of lateral adjustment of guide rail preload and clearance elimination, and can be used in multi-dimensional combination
※ Fine grinding of the bottom plate of the electric moving table and reasonable fixed way of the guide rail greatly reduce the pitch and deflection of the electric moving table, and greatly improve the straightness and parallelism of the movement

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