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Long Stroke Linear Gantry Robots are delivered to Italy

Long stroke Motorized XYZ Linear Stages by 4 meters are delivered to Italian Client. You are welcome to  https://www.youtube.com/@tallmanrobotics to watch our video centre for more projects or visit our website load down e-catalogues for further technical data. You are also welcome to visit production of this multi axis linear stages, or other products.

Motorized XYZ Linear Stages, XYZ three-axis linear motion platform is composed of three-axis linear modules, taking observation as the coordinate origin: the horizontal line realizing left and right linear motion is the X axis, the Y axis realizing front and rear linear motion, and Z axis realizing up and down linear motion.
Z-axis is fixed on the X-axis linear module, and the Y-axis is fixed on the center of the platform;
Z axis is called the operation axis or tool axis. In which industry the platform machine is used, what tools are installed on the Z axis;
Y axis is the load axis, which carries the articles to be processed;
X axis is positioned on the intersection point with the Y axis by moving left and right.

What operations can XYZ three-axis linear motion platform(Motorized XYZ Linear Stages) achieve?
Painting operation: painting operation is realized by three-axis movement fixed-point, and painting patterns and characters can be realized by accurate spraying in Y-axis point.
Assembly: use the precise characteristics of the three-axis platform to assemble products, so as to reduce assembly time and improve production efficiency.
Dispensing operation: precise dispensing and collecting operation is realized through three-axis fixed point.
Soldering operation: similar to dispensing operation, it can be realized at fixed points.
Screw locking operation: similar to glue dispensing operation, screw locking operation is realized at fixed points.
Print job: use the sliding table to move at equal speed and distance to realize IC printing job.
With the rapid development of automation, XYZ three-axis linear motion platform is more and more widely used. By installing or replacing tools in the Z-axis, and system programming, different application purposes can be achieved.