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Multi Axis Linear Actuators are ready for delivery to Germany

Multi Axis Linear Actuators

How to use Multi Axis Linear Actuators correctly ? what should we pay attention to when we use multi axis linear actuaotrs?

Precautions during use:
First of all, the installation of Multi Axis Linear Manipulators is very important. If it is not installed properly, there will be noise or the speed will not reach the normal effect in the process of use. This bad phenomenon will accelerate the service life of the linear module.

Secondly, when the linear module operates, try to choose a dry environment instead of a humid and humid environment, so as to avoid oxidation reaction whenMulti Axis Linear Actuators are exposed to water for a long time.

After a long time of use, multi axis linear manipulators gather a lot of thermal energy. You can take a proper rest. After the linear module emits heat, you can work again, which can also prolong its service life.

Precautions when not in use:
In fact, the module also needs maintenance when it is not in use. When Multi Axis Linear Actuators are not in use for a long time, it should be powered on regularly. When the motor is not running, that is, the machine tool is locked, let it idle, and use the heating principle to disperse the moisture in the module to ensure the stability of performance.

Moreover, regular power on can ensure the charging demand of the backup battery, and check the battery voltage. If it is too low, it can be replaced immediately to prevent some data loss.

Some antirust oil and lubricating oil can also be used during shutdown to avoid corrosion or rust, which can also well avoid failure during reuse.

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