Multi Axis Linear Robots Will Be Delivered to Clients

Multi Axis Linear Robots(Multi Axis Robotic Arm) from Tallman Robotics Limited have been packed well and are ready for delivery to clients.You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects or other products.

First of all, we collect data from clients, then evaluate solution, prepare 3D and 2D file for client’s confirmation.

Then we start production, test and now they are packed very well and ready for delivery.

Multi Axis Linear Robots/Multi Axis Robotic Arm

Multi Axis Linear Robots, also known as single axis manipulator, industrial manipulator, electric cylinder, etc., is a multi-purpose manipulator that can achieve automatic control, repeatable programming, multi degree of freedom, and the degree of freedom of motion is built into a spatial right angle relationship. Its working behavior is mainly by completing linear movement along the X, Y, Z axis.
Multi Axis Linear Robots, which take a single axis mechanical arm driven by a servo motor and a stepping motor as the basic working unit, and uses ball screw, synchronous belt, and gear rack as the common transmission mode, can achieve and follow a controllable motion path at any point in the XYZ three-dimensional coordinate system.
The multi axis robot is driven and programmed by the motion control system. The generation of straight lines, curves and other motion tracks is multi-point interpolation, and the operation and programming are guided teaching programming or coordinate positioning.

Characteristic of Multi Axis Linear Robots/Multi Axis Robotic Arm

  1. The space angle between each degree of freedom of motion is a right angle; 2. Automatically controlled, repeatable programming, all movements are operated according to the program; 3. It is generally composed of control system, drive system, mechanical system, operating tools, etc.
  2. It is flexible and multi-functional, and the functions of operating tools are different.
  3. High reliability, high speed and high precision.
  4. It can be used in harsh environment, can work for a long time, and is convenient for operation and maintenance.

Application of Multi Axis Linear Robots/Multi Axis Robotic Arm

As an automated robot system solution with low cost and simple system structure, the multi axis robot can be used in common industrial production fields such as dispensing, plastic dropping, spraying, palletizing, sorting, packaging, welding, metal processing, handling, loading and unloading, assembly, printing, etc. It has significant application value in replacing labor, improving production efficiency, stabilizing product quality, etc. For different applications, there are different design requirements for multi axis robots. For example, different transmission modes are selected according to the requirements for accuracy and speed, different clamping devices (clamps, grippers, mounting frames, etc.) are selected for the end working head according to specific process requirements, and the design and selection of teaching programming, coordinate positioning, visual recognition and other working modes are made to meet the requirements of different fields Application requirements under different working conditions.





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