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Precision Circular Conveyor Line

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Precision Circular Conveyor Line of Elliptical rail chain connection type from Tallman Robotics Limited. 

Precision Circular Conveyor Line

The precision grinding arc guide rail, combined with linear guide rails of the same grinding level, is combined to form an elliptical circular guide rail production line that can circulate. Each position on the linear segment is equipped with precision mechanical positioning, which can achieve a repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.05mm, providing you with a stable and reliable track platform.

Precision Circular Conveyor Line
Precision Circular Conveyor Line
Precision Circular Conveyor Line

Precision Circular Conveyor Line usually refers to a closed circular guide rail, composed of linear guide rails, arc guide rails, rotating wheels, load-bearing chain links, and various auxiliary components, also known as a precision chain link conveyor line. In industrial applications, the circular guide rail is a track system technology that forms a circulating assembly line in conjunction with the driving system and is applied to various industries. Its compact structure, no need for secondary positioning (accuracy up to ± 0.05mm), and fast speed make it better than the traditional production Assembly line when applied to the production Assembly line. Each slider of the circular guide rail conveyor line represents a station. The circular guide rail conveyor line is to put all stations together as close as possible to reduce the moving distance of the workpiece between stations and minimize the floor space; To achieve this, it is necessary for the workpiece to perform circular motion. In automated manufacturing production lines, the automated circular guide rail conveyor line operates at a constant speed per second, combined with a robotic arm or a small number of workers, to achieve more precise and efficient work results. The handling and transportation of components in automatic production between various processes ensure that the entire production line is in an orderly manner. And the daily work output can even be calculated.

Precision Circular Conveyor Line advantages are as follows:
1. Precision: Precisely machined aluminum alloy chain links, with smaller motion inertia and higher load. Hardened and precision machined steel guide rails have higher hardness and wear resistance, ensuring long-term service life and accuracy. Arc cam segmentation is preloaded on the chain links, with no backlash error. Repetitive accuracy can reach ± 0.05mm;
2. Low maintenance cycle: With sealed cam follower and deep groove ball bearing, the rolling parts do not require additional maintenance, and there is no need to adjust the tension frequently during use. The normal maintenance cycle can last up to one year;
3. Installation: Extruded aluminum body, with light self weight and small deformation, can manufacture any length of conveyor line within 640mm-3000mm, and can arrange and install IC80 conveyor line body in any horizontal or vertical direction, facilitating automation integration design;
4. Comparison of indexing plates: Compared to rotating indexing plates, the response time is the same, reaching up to 120 cycles/minute. It can deploy up to dozens of workstations with no accumulated error in accuracy. The linear layout of workstations is more regular, and workstations can be arranged on both sides, saving space;
5. Power system: The power system can be configured with a servo motor and a reducer, and can be parked at any position. It can also be driven by a splitter and a variable frequency motor. Aluminum chain links require less power and have a shorter indexing response time, up to 120 cycles/minute.

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