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Application Boundary is Widened Again! TallMan Robotics’ Precision Force Control Intelligent Actuator is Upgraded Across The Boundary

Precision force control (F Series) intelligent actuator is a high-end series of products from our company, This intelligent actuator adopts our independently developed and industry-leading softforce ®, High-precision force control system has the advantages of high precision, flexibility and intelligence. Motion control accuracy is at the leading level in the industry, and the maximum accuracy can reach ± 0.01N.

Recently, our company launched a new generation of upgraded products – Precision force control Intelligent Actuators!

Force Control Intelligent Actuator

Core algorithm control to break through the bottleneck of high precision

With the development of industrial automation equipment to precision and refinement, the market puts forward more stringent requirements for automatic production equipment manufacturers: higher position accuracy, faster speed response, more accurate force control and higher productivity density.

In particular, in the fields of 3C electronic precision assembly and testing, semiconductor chip processing, lithium battery assembly and testing, precision medical surgical equipment, laboratory automation and so on, Tallman Robotics’ precision force control series products can fully meet the needs of these scenes and working conditions with extremely high requirements for motion control accuracy. They are widely used in the production lines of top production giants in high-precision industries, and have successfully assisted many industries to achieve a new breakthrough in automation application.

In terms of force control, Tallman Robotics’ precision force control series actuators can ensure stable control of constant force output with accuracy of ± 0.01N, support output curve data analysis, and can be used for workpiece strength test, polishing and polishing, flexible pushing, such as clamping, load transfer and pressing of precision electronic parts (such as micro circuit board, precision coil, etc.), flexible grinding of mobile phone frame, screen bonding, terminal pressing, circuit board detection, etc.

In the magnetic suction keyboard pressing test, the assembly scheme of Tallman Robotics’ precision force control clamping jaw and precision force control push rod is used, which can carry out high-precision force control on small workpieces, greatly save labor cost and improve the detection efficiency.

In the past, the “six axis + in frame” method is usually used to program the mobile phone, which is very expensive. Now it only needs to use the “two-dimensional grinding platform” composed of two precision force control wide platform push rods (tm-wrpla-f). As long as the robot cooperates with the frame action, the force control part is completed by servo electric cylinder, which not only greatly saves the development and debugging cost of the enterprise, but also effectively improves the production efficiency and improves the yield of products.

HF is newly upgraded to easily cope with more complex working conditions

This time, on the basis of maintaining the advantages of high precision, high reliability and easy use of precision force control (F Series), we strive for perfection. After 180 days of debugging and testing by the technical team, we have launched a new generation of TM precision force control (HF series) intelligent actuator products!

HF series adopts the design of integrated sensor, which increases the usable area for assembly and has lower requirements for tooling installation or force point design, so as to further improve the rigidity and service life of products, broaden industrial diversified application scenarios and meet the needs of more complex scenarios.

The upgraded HF series products include precision force control push rod (linear type and turn back type), Tallman Robotics’ wide platform precision force control push rod, force control sliding table, force control clamping claw, etc. The upgrading of the product further widens the application scenario of the product, so that it can adapt to more complex tooling environment and does not affect the normal after-sales and warranty maintenance services of customers who have purchased F series products. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult the customer service staff.